Aug 142017

Make Money Writing Ebooks – Eban Pagans Net Worth

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Make Money Writing Ebooks - Eban Pagans Net WorthMost everyone thinks that they have a book inside them. Some want to write about the fictional world they’ve lived in since childhood. Others want to write a how to book about something great they have accomplished in their life. And others just want to put their thoughts to paper and hope others will listen and enjoy.

Eban Pagan (David DeAngelo) has done what so many dreams of doing, and then he did even more.

Eban Pagan’s Career

Eban Pagan started writing relationship advice books under the name “David DeAngelo”. What made him special wasn’t necessarily the books, which had great content, but the way he sold them.

Writing and hoping people will find you on Amazon can make you some money, but it won’t make you rich. Eban Pagan set up what’s called a sales funnel for his books. People would get on that sales funnel for various reasons, maybe they wanted a free giveaway and had to give their email to get it.

Whatever the case was he then would have them in that funnel and eventually sell his books to them. At this point, they’ve learned to trust him and are willing to pay to get his extra training.

After gaining success in the Ebook/Relationship advice niche he then started growing his business in other ways. Those same sales funnel he used to grow a million dollar business he now teaches to others making him even more millions along the way.

Eban Pagan’s Net Worth

Eban Pagan’s net worth is $15 million.

He’s grown this income through not one, not two, but at least 3 businesses. His real estate business was the start of everything teaching him the sales techniques he would later need to sell e-books.

Once his books became popular he started speaking and helping people even more.

And finally, he started teaching others how to use his methods to grow their businesses.

What We Learn From Eban Pagan

Sometimes it’s ok to not be you. Eban Pagan ran one whole business as “David DeAngelo”. All the books are under that name, the business is run under that name, and people in that field know him by that name.

We don’t have to change our names to start a business but sometimes we would like to. If we are starting a blog and are going to put ourselves out there, then maybe it’s good to use a different name to protect yourself and others.

Eban Pagan also focuses on one thing at a time. He didn’t grow a real estate business, relationship advice business, and coaching business all at the same time. He started with one. He grew that one business in a way that it would basically run itself before starting the next project.

If we have the entrepreneur itch we often have more ideas than time to do them. We can’t do everything, pick one focus on that and when it starts running on its own then we can start something new.

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Aug 72017

Matt Stonie’s Net Worth

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Matt Stonie's Net WorthYour paycheck doesn’t come for another week, but rent is due tomorrow. You’ve spent last weeks paycheck already, and have no one willing or able to loan you the money. Sure you could go to a payday advance place and get some money, but the interest is too much.

As you walk along the street you see a food eating contest, with a prize of $1000. Without hesitation you go over, figuring that at the very least you’ll get a meal out of this.

Not only do you get the meal, you win the $1000 and are able to pay your rent.

In a way that is exactly how Matt Stonie (Megatoad) got his start as a competitive eater.

Matt Stonie’s Net Worth and Career

Matt Stonie’s net worth is $500,000 though at the rate he is going it should be over a million soon.

He rose to fame in 2015 by winning Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. Defeating 8-time champion Joey Chestnut.

Matt Stonie holds 20 world records related to eating such as eating an entire 5.5 pound birthday cake in under 1o minutes, and 113 pancakes also in under 10 minutes.

With his rise to fame also comes his rise in YouTube followers. Before he won the Nathans hot dog eating contest he had less than 1 million subscribers. However only 2 years later he has over 3 million with that number growing every day. He uses this channel to not only grow his brand but also to grow his income through ads on YouTube.

Lessons Learned From Matt Stonie’s Net Worth

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, if that’s true then I would say desperation can be the mother of your next career. Matt Stonie needed some extra money and decided to participate in an eating contest. Through that, he discovered he was good at it, and now it’s his full-time job.

Some of us have no clue what we’re actually good at or enjoy doing. Or maybe we know what we enjoy but don’t know how to make money from it. Either way, when our backs are against the wall we can often times find a way to make money come from somewhere.

Also, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of your 15 minutes of fame. Matt Stonie grew his YouTube following, but only after winning a competition and getting a little bit of fame. Through that, he didn’t just ignore those that subscribed but made sure to continue to post content for them to watch and learn more about him.

If something happens to us, whether that’s getting actual fame, or maybe just a face to face with an influencer, it’s ok to use that to grow your own brand. The hard part won’t be gaining traction, the hard part will be keeping it going after you get that initial boost. Sure the influencer gave you a push but it’s now your job not to drop the ball and make sure that you grow on your own from then on.

Disease Called Debt

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Jul 312017

What Is SAP?

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What Is SAP-

There you are scouring the internet in search of your next stock pick. You come across a stock by the name of SAP, and think it may be a good company to invest in. It’s been around for a long time and even has a consistent dividend payout. But what is SAP? What exactly do they do? And, are they worth your investment?

SAP History

SAP, stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing. This comes from the original German name Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung which shows the roots of this company even more.

SAP started in 1972 with 5 former IBM employees with the initiative to provide a standard application software for real-time data processing.

In those early years, the 5 worked long hours including many long nights and weekends in order to grow the company to what it is today.

SAP, hasn’t stayed stagnant instead whenever technology changes they change at the same time. In 1974 they converted their RF system from the DOS operating system to OS over an eight-week period. And continue to stay up with technology until today.

In 1988 SAP transformed from a private company to a publicly traded one. After the first year, they were named “company of the year” by Manager Magazine.

Who Is SAP For?

A look at SAP’s products page makes you think that anyone could use at least one thing from them. In reality, they mostly work with mid to large companies in need of software for things such as inventory, analytics, cloud services, and way more.

They also work with small companies if they are in need of any of the same services. They offer so many services odds are that if you run a business they have something that can help you run that business better.

Can You Start The Next SAP?

Have you considered starting a business? Maybe you already have but you want it to grow. Look at these 5 men who started a company over 40 years ago and where the business is now.

They worked long and hard and didn’t give up. They treated their customers like gold because they knew that they are the backbone of the business, without customers, there is no business.

A business we start may never get to the same size as SAP, but we can still take those lessons and apply them to our business. If we do we are as close to guaranteed a success as we can be.

Should I Buy SAP?

After reading about this great company the next question should be, do I want to own a part of it? The answer depends on your investing strategy and your risk tolerance.

The company has consistently continued to grow and shows no real signs of slowing. However, their dividend yield is rather low and only paid out once a year, so if you’re hoping to gain passive income off of this stock you won’t get much.

However, if you’re investing for the long-term than it may be a good option as your money will grow. And, when it’s time to sell you should have a nice profit depending on how long you allow it to grow.

Disease Called Debt

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Jul 262017

5 Ways to Invest Small Amounts of Money

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investing tips, investing small amounts of money, investing adviceOne of the most common misconceptions about the investing world is that you have to have thousands and thousands of dollar set aside to dedicate to put in your portfolio. That couldn’t be further from the truth, there are plenty of ways that you can invest with a small amount of money that you’ve got in your bank account.

Investing is one of the best ways to secure a comfortable future for yourself and your family. If you’ve never invested before, it can be a scary and overwhelming to start your portfolio, but it’s not as complicated as you may think.


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Jul 242017

What Is Amazon FBA?

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What Is Amazon FBA-Looking for a way to make extra money? One of the many ways people recommend is to sell on Amazon.
But, how do you do that exactly? Do you just list that you’re selling things and send everything to individuals? What is Amazon FBA? Is that the way I need to go?

What Is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA is Fulfilled By Amazon. Basically, it means that though you’re the one selling the item Amazon is fulfilling that order. They will ship the order to the customer, deal with any customer service issues, as well as hold your inventory in the interim.

Why Would You Want To Sell Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA sounds great, and it is, but keep a few things in mind. Amazon takes fees every time you sell something, and they take even more fees if they are the ones that are fulfilling the order. On top of that if your inventory sits in their warehouse too long they start charging you additional fees. So why would anyone want to sell Amazon FBA when you can make more money doing Merchant Fulfilled (where you ship to customers yourself)?

Well, if you are only going to sell a few things a month then you should do Merchant Fulfilled. But, if you’re going to be sending in hundreds of items monthly, do you want to store all of those things in your house, package each individually, send directly to every customer with your address on it?

Also, when a customer returns an item, it will come back to you instead and if you don’t have another to exchange it for then you are just out the money whereas Amazon may be able to keep the customer happy and not lose you money.

How Much Can You Make?

One of the big questions I get is “how much money can you make from selling Amazon FBA”, and the answer is it depends. With everything in life the more you put into it the more you get out. If you have only $100 to invest in inventory you may want to wait till you have more as the shipping fees will eat up a lot of your profit.

I recommend starting with no less than $500 worth of inventory and that you send in no less than that in. Also, make sure that you’re set to make at least 50% ROI or it’s not going to be worth it.

At first, it’s going to feel like you aren’t making any money at all, but after a while, you get the hang of things and you can make an extra $100 a month of an extra $10,000 it depends on the work and capital you put into it.

How Do You Get Started?

First, sign up to be an Amazon seller, then download the app and go to retail stores in your area looking for things to sell. It’s going to feel like a treasure hunt at first and you’ll be excited. If you find something worth buying you’ll feel great, if not you’ll become discouraged. Don’t worry, I’ve been doing this for nearly 2 years and there are days I come home with nothing too.


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Jul 192017

How to Confidently Trade the Financial Markets: The Novice’s Guide

By |July 19th, 2017|Stocks|Comments Off on How to Confidently Trade the Financial Markets: The Novice’s Guide

beginner stock market tips, investment tips, stock market tipsThe financial markets can be somewhat intimidating to a newbie. For starters, there are all those charts, graphs, changing numbers, signals, indicators, trends, analysis and endless data streams that pepper the trading arena. To a neophyte, this can be off-putting. Fortunately, the financial markets are designed for high levels of interaction for traders across the spectrum.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, the steps that you need to take to successfully trade financial instruments are essentially the same. Research, analysis, and decision-making are integral components of the trading process. The most important tip for all traders is the following: understand the macro economic variables that impact the price direction of your chosen asset.


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