Credit Card Debt will Kill You and Eat Your Children

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Credit cards are great.  I'm a huge fan.  More often than not they allow you to obtain basically 1% back on purchases, give or take. (That's those points people are always going on about). Unfortunately these are only great if you NEVER PAY INTEREST.  In the case of credit cards this is simple.  Pay your statement balance in full every month and

Life Insurance Without an Exam?

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Have you heard of No-Exam Life Insurance? Unfortunately, many people still don’t know about it or may not know how to get it. This might be why studies show that 38% of people who want life insurance put it off. Sadly, many delay getting life insurance until it’s too late. The question of whether no-exam life insurance is the right

Coverdell ESA

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The current tax code is a mishmash of law and loophole that's been built up over many years.  In some cases, like the 401(k) the loophole was later championed by someone and made into real law.  If the 401(k) was kind of an accident, the IRA was pretty much on purpose.  We're going to discuss something quite similar for educational

8 Estate Planning Tips You Need to Know

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Estate planning is probably not high on anyone’s to-do list.  But as the saying goes - nothing is certain except for death and taxes.  This remains as true today as it was when it was first uttered.  While it may not be fun, it is a necessary, especially if you want to protect your estate for your heirs.  As such,

Your Worthless 401k

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One of my favorite stories in tax law is how the 401(k) came to be.  I realize the bar here is pretty low.  I mean, what's your favorite tax law story? I'm a nerd. Well, the setting is the late 70's.  It's the middle of the Carter administration.  For years rich folk had been attempting to play a

A New Homebuyer’s Guide to Conventional Loans

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In comparison to buying a home, other seemingly significant purchases in your life ― your computer, your mattress, and even your car ― are child’s play. Homes cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars ― more than you likely make in five years ― which means it is likely impossible for you to simply save up and buy a home

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Individual Development Accounts Will Make You a Thousandaire

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  I don't know if you guys have noticed, but this blog is named Thousandaire.  Why is it named Thousandaire you might ask?  Because I'm a jackass that has to tell world his net worth, and there isn't that much to speak of right now? Nope.  Well, sure it's not like I'm a millionaire, I do fit into the thousandaire

Beyond Dollars and Cents: 5 Reasons to Major in Accounting

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How’s your financial IQ? Chances are, it could be better. Most of us can write and speak our native languages passably well (at least, on good days). Mastering the ins and outs of personal finance is another matter entirely. According to Gallup, a respected polling organization, just 32% of Americans create household budgets. Just 30% have long-term financial plans. And far fewer stick to either. Though better educated, higher-income households are more likely to make budgets and financial plans, Americans at every level of the totem pole struggle with basic financial concepts. In other words, their financial literacy is lacking. Naturally, this is upsetting to financial professionals for whom managing money is second nature.

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Thousandaire Investment Performance in Review

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While less than a year is far too little time to judge the success of an investing strategy, I like to look in on my investments at least on an annual basis.  This also presents a good time to check in on the stocks that we've profiled on Thousandaire.  All of these are compared to the Russel 2000, an index

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Four Steps to Ensuring That Your New Affiliate Blog is Financially Viable

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Making money though blogging doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. In fact, there’s arguably no better time to hop on the affiliate marketing bandwagon given the wealth of free resources out there for site-builders to get started. From creating killer sales funnels to squeeze pages that make your offers irresistible, the sky’s the limit for skilled affiliates who understand what makes their traffic tick. However, there are many moving pieces that will determine whether or not your blog will actually generate big bucks. For example, consider the following questions for starters.

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