Blue Apron Review

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To function well in today’s culture of fast-paced living, our bodies must be fueled with great food, all the time. For millions of Americans, however, this isn’t always possible and many are suffering for it. Poor food choices as result of being almost constantly on the go are slowly eroding the health of young and old alike. But fear not,

Robert Shiller — Bubbles and Busts

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One of my favorite economists has to be Robert Shiller.  This is a great talk he gave at the London School of Economics.  He's famous for writing Irrational Exuberance, a treatise on bubbles, in 2000, calling the top of the stock market bubble.  He updated it in 2007, also effectively calling the top of the housing market. I was particularly

Personal Finance App: My Paribus Review

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For as long as modern retail culture has existed, stores have offered refunds for price drops or price discrepancies on purchased items. Previously, you would have had to monitor your purchases and the prices of the items and then ask for the money back yourself when one (or any) of the following happens: you see the price has dropped, you

5 Tips to Qualify for an Installment Loan

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An installment loan is one of two major types of loan. You borrow a fixed amount from a creditor and you make a series of payments every month until the amount is paid off. These loans are the majority what people get for autos, boats, and home loans. Before you can get a loan, you need to ensure that the

Investment Scams: 6 Red Flags to Look out For

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Have you noticed that lately when you shop for something on Amazon, that item has a habit of popping up on other websites? It's as if Amazon has worked out a way of saying, "Oh hi, did you forget to buy this? Well, you can now. Just click." In some instances, that might be helpful. It also is a clear

Sunk Cost Fallacy Makes You A Terrible Investor

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What is the sunk cost fallacy? The idea that any money or time you already spent on a thing matters.  That money is gone.  That time is gone.  You shouldn't let the time or money you spent on a bad idea keep you from throwing the bad idea away.  Preferably far away. This comes up all the time.  People finish terrible

Credit Card Debt will Kill You and Eat Your Children

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Credit cards are great.  I'm a huge fan.  More often than not they allow you to obtain basically 1% back on purchases, give or take. (That's those points people are always going on about). Unfortunately these are only great if you NEVER PAY INTEREST.  In the case of credit cards this is simple.  Pay your statement balance in full every month and

Life Insurance Without an Exam?

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Have you heard of No-Exam Life Insurance? Unfortunately, many people still don’t know about it or may not know how to get it. This might be why studies show that 38% of people who want life insurance put it off. Sadly, many delay getting life insurance until it’s too late. The question of whether no-exam life insurance is the right

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Coverdell ESA

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The current tax code is a mishmash of law and loophole that's been built up over many years.  In some cases, like the 401(k) the loophole was later championed by someone and made into real law.  If the 401(k) was kind of an accident, the IRA was pretty much on purpose.  We're going to discuss something quite similar for educational

8 Estate Planning Tips You Need to Know

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Estate planning is probably not high on anyone’s to-do list.  But as the saying goes - nothing is certain except for death and taxes.  This remains as true today as it was when it was first uttered.  While it may not be fun, it is a necessary, especially if you want to protect your estate for your heirs.  As such,

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