What to Do After Workers’ Compensation Denial

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Any type of injury-- particularly one that causes you to miss work-- can have an effect on your financial life and a negative impact on all surrounding aspects of normal life. But a significant injury can throw your life into a state of chaos or even bring it to a screeching halt, specifically for those of us who work for

The Crossroads Between Public Relations and Marketing

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In today’s fast-paced world of instant information, on-demand entertainment and personalized marketing, every business must take advantage of every opportunity for marketing and publicity. There are countless possibilities for this, from television commercials and radio ads to social media campaigns and viral marketing, but small businesses and startups are generally at a disadvantage. For one thing, they are small and

Freelancer? These 5 Red Flag Behaviors Could Cost You Clients

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Piecing together steady work as a freelancer depends on building up a list of clients. And accumulating clients hinges on having a solid reputation in addition to offering the necessary skillset to meet clients’ needs. Unfortunately, in our modern internet era, one virtual misstep can derail a possible partnership. That’s precisely why freelancers should beware of these five “red flag”

How To Improve Your Chances Of Securing A Personal Loan

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Sometimes there are situations in life that are unexpected. Or, maybe they are expected and you just don’t have sufficient funds in your account. Whatever the situation is, this is why it is always imperative to have an emergency account that you can depend on. With that being said, the economy is not in the best of shape these days

What Do You Know About Zero Sum Budgeting?

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Managing and improving the health of your personal finances can be daunting. Even people who are good with money on a professional level often have problems with personal budgeting. When it comes to personal budgets, managing debt, and good spending habits, people often have trouble cutting the fat. We often overspend on food, entertainment, and non-essential goods, and fail to

Give A Silver Or Gold Coin This Christmas

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When Labour Day passes and the summer heat turns into chilly fall evenings, it hits you. It might be a display in a store or an ad on TV, but Christmas is coming. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea this year, consider the gift of a silver or gold coin. It may not be high on your children’s

How to Understand the Real Estate Market

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Purchasing your own home is an emotional roller coaster ride. It can be nerve-wracking, exciting, intimidating and sometimes can even be complicated. As a serious home shopper, it can take you anywhere from 3 months to over a year just finding that perfect home. You may find the perfect place, only to find out it’s out of your price range.

Buy Glasses Online, at Incredible Rates, with Next Day Shipping Included!

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If you have done any shopping online, you would have by now realized that online prices are just cheaper when compared to offline prices that you pay at your local mall. Since online retailers are able to centrally hold their inventory in a single warehouse with low overhead costs, they are able to pass on a lot of their cost

3 Red Hot Careers for MBA Graduates

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An MBA was seen several decades ago as a ticket to management. The value of it has been diluted by the number of people who earned an MBA after earning their bachelor’s degree, stepping out into the working world with both degrees. However, there are still areas where the MBA remains a valuable credential. Here are three red-hot careers for

How to Tell When a Side Hustle Isn’t Worth It

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To make ends meet these days a lot of people are picking up a side hustle or second job. Having a side hustle has a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits include extra money, a backup plan to your regular job, and learning new job skills. But in addition to all of the positives, a side hustle may also

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