5 Home Upgrades That Are Actually Worth the Investment

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Today we have a guest post for you from Anum Yoon. Upgrading your home can be a great way to make an old building feel new, get some extra floor space, or improve the overall value of your home. Unfortunately, it can be hard to tell which upgrades are going to be worth the money you’re putting into them and

Applying for a Small Business Bank Loan? Clear Your Day (Actually, Make that Months)

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We all know that waiting in line at the bank can be a tedious, time consuming experience. But compared to waiting for a decision on a small business bank loan, it’s like traveling at the speed of light. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to wait months before hearing back on a small business bank loan application. And if you’re trying to

Best UK Lenders List

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If you’re looking to access a suitable loan in the United Kingdom and you need to know what organisations out there offer the services you’re looking for, this post www.creditpoor.co.uk/lenders/ is a good place to start. Although there is still the existence of unauthorised illegal loan sharks, we have made a profile of some of the top performing UK corporate

Understanding Student Loan Consolidation

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In order to help with the numerous problems that student debt causes, the government offers several programs designed to lighten the load and make paying back student loans less stressful. One such option that can be very helpful in some cases is student loan consolidation. Student loan consolidation can have a number of benefits, not least of which is simplifying

5 Important Considerations for Your First Mortgage

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Buying your first home is an important process that will have financial and other ramifications that will last for many years. While it can be one of the most exciting and rewarding times of your entire life, it will also be one of the most stressful and terrifying. It means the beginning of a new chapter in your life, but

Credit Basics and How to Get Some Help

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The stigma that is associated with having bad credit is short-sighted and ignorant, similar to those who “judge a book by its cover”. Certainly, there are countless individuals who have made decisions based on their own selfish desires that have placed them in this position. Then, on the other hand, we have the unfortunate ones who have tried their best,

Money Matters: Ways to Make Your Budget Play Nice With Your Lifestyle

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Too many people set up their budget and let it go without tracking it or updating it, or worse, alter it ad hoc. When we first start pursuing saving goals, we often miss them because we’re distracted by everything else. Deciding on the right medium to keep track of your budget (e.g. apps or a digital document) is essential. A

Personal Finance Tips for Millennials

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Most millennials aren’t taught personal finance beyond the few who soaked up “lessons” from having an allowance or chores while growing up. However, financial literacy is and always will be vital. How it’s defined and its best practices evolve as we do. Just like any type of “health,” financial health requires setting a strong foundation, teaching and practice. It’s strange

​3 Options to Consolidate and Eliminate Debt

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Almost all modern adults have some level of debt. Loans and credit allow us to buy our homes, our cars, our phones and most other important items for modern living. But debt can easily go from an essential, manageable part of life to an overwhelming monster that consumes us financially. Whether it is due to medical bills, credit card debt,

Using a VPN Guide to Protect You and Your Finances

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In 2013, millions of Target customers instantly became the victims of identity theft when the retailer’s merchant credit system was hacked successfully. North Korea hacked into Sony’s networks in 2014 and made a mess of the company’s data and emails. In 2015, Chinese cyber thieves hacked into the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management servers and stole millions of federal