Your Emergency Fund Helps Your Credit Score

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Your three-digit FICO credit score is a key number, one that lenders use to determine who qualifies for loans and at what interest rates. How often you miss payments, how much debt you owe on your credit cards and how much of your credit you are using all help determine how high this score is. But, the amount of money in your savings account, though, has no impact on your score. That doesn’t mean, though, that having money stocked away to cover the cost of unexpected emergencies won’t have a positive impact on your credit score.

25 Beautiful Presents Under £25

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Looking for affordable gifts? Look no further than this list. A Personalised Chopping Board: A personalised chopping board to cut on makes the perfect low budget gift for any occasion. A Personalised Engraved Shot Glass: This makes the perfect birthday gift for a birthday boy or girl who’s going out drinking. Personalised Is It My Birthday Yet Book: This is

Short Cash Get a Loan for Your Car

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One of the scariest moments as a car owner is having to have to scrape around for money as you don’t have enough money to fix your car due to unforeseen circumstances. The reality is that this could mean that your life could be put on hold extremely quickly and we all know that if you are not able to

How To Teach Children To Save

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Saving is an essential skill in human survival. It is therefore important that you should be able to teach children how to save. There are many benefits that can be gained from having a good saving habit. The earlier they learn this skill the easier it is to use it in their adult life. Like any other habit, saving can

Is Betting on the Europa League a Good Way to Make Money?

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The Europa League is Europe's second tier club competition. Over the course of each season up to 160 teams compete in the Europa League with the overall winner receiving just over £5.5 million and perhaps more importantly, a place in the following seasons Champions League. Due to the amount of teams that enter the tournament there are a huge number

5 Apps That Will Benefit Your Personal Finance While Studying Business Administration

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If you’re currently studying for a business administration degree by using one of the many online MBA programs, then you will need to make sure your personal finances do not take a hit from the lack of work and the course fees you’ll need to pay. Apps are getting popular on mobile devices and whether you have an iPhone or

Are Angel Investors a Good Idea?

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When you’re starting a new business, one of the biggest challenges is finding funding. With the economy in it’s current state, banks are reluctant to lend, and the need for a financial safety net for weathering bad times and helping you get established with a regular clientele is more important than ever. Another source of funding are so-called ‘Angel Investors’:

Issues Facing Landlords in San Diego

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In an effort to keep crime at bay, San Diego County participates in the Crime-Free Multi-Family Housing program. Proponents of the program say participation can be a useful marketing tool for landlords who own properties in areas with higher incidences of reported crime. Among issues facing landlords in San Diego, the decision to participate in the program is a significant

Relocating Abroad? How to Prepare Financially

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This is a guest post from Pauline of In the past 12 years, I have lived in four foreign countries, on three continents. While it has been amazing for the most part, there are also things I wish I had known before relocating, and that is why today I would like to share my tips with anyone who is

5 Tips To Keep Your Small Business Going

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Starting a small business is an exciting time. You are filled with optimism for the future, and plenty of ideas that you want to start implementing right away. Motivation is high, and the first few months can go by like a whirlwind. However, over time, many small business owners that things grow rather difficult. That initial momentum is gone, and