If I could pick one single thing I’ve done in the last four years to improve my life, it would be taking Tag out on our first date. If I could pick a second thing, it would be starting this blog.
I mainly consider this blog a hobby, but it has turned into a side business as well over the last few months. I’ve actually pulled in over $6,000 of revenue in the last eight or nine months, which has been really helpful in paying off student loans and increasing my net worth.

If you don’t have a side business (whether it’s a blog, lawn mowing service, tech support for old people or a lemonade stand) then here are 10 reasons why you need to get started today!

10 Reasons to Start a Side Business

If you don't have a side business, you should really think about getting one to increase your income and help you be more productive in your free time.

10. Cavemen Are Jealous of Free Time – A few thousand years ago people literally spent their entire day lives looking for, gathering and hunting food. Today most of us have cabinets and refrigerators stocked with plenty of food. If the cavemen knew people were using “free time” to sit on a couch, they would be offended.

9. Diversification of Income – If I lost my day job today I’d still be making some income through this website. We diversify investments all the time to mitigate risk; why not diversify income for the same reason?

8. Play Money is Fun to Play With – Extra money means you have the ability to do extra stuff. You could do something responsible like invest it, or you could take your extra “play money” and play with it. Vacations and toys (electronics/tools for men and shoes for women) are a lot more fun when you don’t feel guilty for spending money on them.

7. Watching TV is BORING – Seriously. Your brain is sick of consuming visual and audio content. It wants to create something. A business, a website, a painting, something! Bonus: if you create something awesome, you can make money off it.

6. Additional Skills Make You More Valuable – No matter what side business you start, you’re going to learn something. Whatever skills you learn could very well help you get a raise, promotion, or even your next full-time job.

5. MONEY!!! – I’ve already touched on this briefly, but seriously. More money = more awesome.

4. You Always Have an Excuse – A friend wants you to help him move. The girlfriend wants you to watch Twilight. Your dad wants to talk about his bowel movements. Your response: “Sorry, I have to get to work on my side business!

3. Business Expenses Rock! – I’m flying to Denver to hang out with all of my blogging buddies for four days in September at FINCON. My plane ticket, hotel, food and drinks, and everything else on the trip are business expenses and reduce my taxable income. Sweet!

2. Impress the Ladies – Your chatting up a pretty lady at the bar. What sounds more interesting: Entry Level Business Analyst or Entrepreneur? Just make sure you have a business card or something that proves you are legit. Otherwise, girls will hear “entrepreneur” and think “unemployed”.

1. Your Side Business Might Become Your Main Business – Wouldn’t it be nice to stop working for “the man” and start working for yourself? A side business might start as a hobby but could turn into a full fledged career where you set your own hours, choose who you want to work with, and answer to no one but yourself.

Special thanks to Jeff from Sustainable Life Blog for the idea. Make sure to check out Jeff’s blog if you get a chance!

Readers: If you have a side business, add another reason to the list why it’s so awesome. If you don’t have a side business, what’s stopping you?

photo credit: minnesota_social_marketing

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