After some twitter bantering about Taylor Swift with financial uproar, I went to his site and found a post about 2011 stock picks. He likes to pick stocks at the beginning of the year and track them at the end of the year to see if the picks were right.

Warren Buffett with Kevin McKee

Warren Buffett and I are best buds. You can tell by this picture of us which is clearly legitimate. I definitely didn't photoshop my head over someone else's face. Maybe.

I’ve been doing some research and found a few picks that I like this year, so I figured I’d continue the stock market theme from last week and tell you what I’ll be investing in this year. My investing strategy is similar to that of Warren Buffett, which is to buy and hold companies I understand and believe in their product. Yeah you read that right. I invest like Warren Buffett! And I’m better looking than him. So there!

Question: Should you invest in these stocks because I’m investing in them? Answer: No!

I do believe there are other good reasons to invest in these stocks, which I will list below. With that being said, please remember that what you do with your money is your decision, and no matter if you become filthy stinkin’ rich or broke and homeless based on my recommendations, I’m not responsible for either result.

Note: Closing Prices listed are from December 31st to reflect the company’s price at the start of 2011.

1. General Electric (GE NYSE)
Closing Price: $18.29

This is a great company with great management that is heavily focused on green products, and we all know the government loves granting money to environmentally friendly companies and consumers who purchase their products. Plus Warren Buffett likes these guys, so I’m good with them.

2. American Tower Corporation (AMT NYSE)
Closing Price: $51.64

Have you ever wanted to invest in mobile phones, tablet PCs and everything else that uses 3G and 4G connections, but don’t know if Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, or someone else is gonna “win”? Maybe you should pick the people who make the product like Apple or Google, but don’t know which company will come out on top? That’s ok, just buy the physical infrastructure. AMT builds and maintains the cell phone towers that send out those 3G and 4G signals.

3. British Petroleum (BP NYSE)
Closing Price: $44.17

They were around $60 before the spill. The spill is behind them now, and they are sitting at $45. Do people still drive cars and need gas? Of course they do. Buy in today and watch it go back up to $60 by the end of the year.

4. Bank of America (BAC NYSE)
Closing Price: $13.34

This stock was down 11% last year while the S&P was up 14%. People are scared to invest in Bank of America because Wikileaks says they are going to release something about a major bank, and people think it’s going to be Bank of America. Unless that report proves that BAC is printing counterfeit money, this “leak” is not going to make them go bankrupt. They will come back, and you’ll want to be in on the action.

Disclosure: I own GE, AMT and BP. I will also be purchasing BAC tomorrow. Translation: I put my money where my mouth is.

More exciting news: I do all my investments with Sharebuilder because I get $1 trades on Tuesdays with their automatic investment plans. If you use Sharebuilder like me, you probably look for good stocks to buy on Mondays. If only there was a website that gave a weekly stock tip on Mondays…

I have a friend who does quite a bit of stock research and spends a lot of time and money investing (hint: he is also beating me in net worth by about $28k) and he will be posting a stock tip every Monday from now on. I’m crazy excited about this for three reasons:

  1. This site will have something very relevant, yet different from what I usually post about (and it will, of course, have a Thousandaire twist on it). It will give you all a break from my antics.
  2. I’m giving my friend an audience for his writing and tips, and I hope he loves it as much as I do.
  3. This will give me more time to focus on writing, filming and editing videos without sacrificing weekly posts.

So next Monday, get excited about your first stock tip from David Hasselhoff (who will have a new name come next Monday)!

Final Note: Last Thursday, I posted about if I should cancel any credit cards, and I forgot to give credit to my friend for the article idea. He is boycotting my website until I give him credit, so here’s a shout-out to Fat Turd Ferguson. He’s similar to Burt Reynolds’ Celebrity Jeopardy character, but much fatter. Thanks Fat Turd!

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