With the current cost of living crisis, payday loans are becoming more popular than ever. Put simply, a payday loan is designed to be repaid when your next wage comes in. Usually limited in the amount you can borrow, a payday loan is a quick and handy solution when you need some cash. The application process is generally straightforward and is less likely to include extensive credit history checks, which is usually the case when applying for other types of loans. Customers are also able to borrow smaller amounts of cash. It’s therefore easy to see why payday loans are so popular.

However, as with any financial loan, these should be treated wisely and sensibly. First of all, you should always shop around to determine the best possible payday loan for you. Sites such as Prekredit.com anable you to compare different lenders to help you make an informed decision. But once you’ve secured your payday loan, how do you put it to good use?

1.Set a budget

It might sound obvious but you would be surprised at how many people neglect to budget their monthly incomings and outgoings. It’s really important that you set out a proper budget before you receive your payday loan. That way, when your payday loan comes in, you’ll be well prepared and you’ll be less likely to overspend. Make a detailed list of everything you spend within a given month, such as gas and electric bills, credit card bills, mortgage repayments, channel subscriptions, gym memberships and any other monthly bills. Don’t forget other expenses, such as travel costs, food, and anything else that you buy each month – even that daily coffee before work will add up over time, so write it down on your list. Once you’ve determined all your outgoings, you can then subtract this and the payday loan amount from your monthly income to see how much you’ve got left to live off until your wage comes in.

2.Avoid luxury temptations

It’s easy to be tempted when a large sum of money comes your way, but it’s advisable to try and resist spending it on unnecessary luxuries, at least until you’ve paid off your payday loan. It’s crucial that you make the repayment of your loan your top priority for the month and that should mean cutting back on luxury spending. Can you go one month without your regular hair salon visits? Remember, if you concentrate on using your payday loan on only the basic things right now, then the quicker you should be able to get your finances back on track and enjoy your added luxuries again.

3.Think ahead

It’s worth remembering that a payday loan is really supposed to be a short-term solution; a quick and easy – but much-needed – option in times of emergencies. It’s really not a good idea to rely on payday loans too often. Not only are they likely to be costly, they indicate issues with your finances and so could have a negative impact on your credit rating. It’s therefore a good idea to use your experience of a payday loan as a chance to take serious stock of your finances. Look at the budget you set out for yourself before paying back the loan – is there anything that you’re spending on every month that you could go without? Consider continuing setting a monthly budget to help you stay on top of things.


Payday loans are ideal if you need a quick, short-term solution to keep you going. As with any financial loan though, you should always be sensible. As long as you follow these tips to put your payday loan to good use, then you’ll be on the right track. 


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