As the saying from a popular fashion TV show once highlighted, “one day you’re in, the next you’re out”. In short, it refers to the changing nature of fashion trends, and suffice to say, there are plenty to look out for in 2019.

Of course, for the purposes of staying to the length of a blog post rather than a dissertation, we are going to stick to four of the so-called bigger trends today. It means that the next time you are venturing through Covent Garden, keep in mind the following advice so that you stay on-trend for the rest of the year.

Suits have taken a turn for the unexpected

For years, we have been used to quite a safe palette for suits. Now, things are changing.

If one were to take look at the likes of Chanel or even Victoria Beckham one thing will have become blatantly obvious – they are awash with colour. The former in particular went for some really bold shades, while Victoria Beckham was a little was softer.

Quite surprisingly, shape isn’t as much of a thing for 2019 and you can get away with either relaxed or fitted looks. The important thing is to go bold with your colour choices.

The rise of feathers

Not so long-ago fur was all the rage, and now we’ve entered the era of feathers. This was highlighted through the course of New York Fashion week and perhaps surprisingly, there wasn’t a one-fits-all rule here. Instead, feathers of all form were there, although the general rule seemed to be the more colourful the better!

All of the big brands bought into this such as Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, while one designer who opted to use feathers but in a subtler way came in the form of Dion Lee.

A return to the small screen

This next point might have a somewhat bizarre subtitle but give us time. In short, some sources have compared this to retro terrestrial TV graphics, with designers around the land taking advantage of bold prints and patterns that seem to have a whiff of nostalgia around them.

Skirts and shirts were the main garments which were welcoming these patterns, but they were of course pieced together in something of a Nineties style. It means that there was plenty of emphasis on a top-heavy approach, where light denim was also a key focus.

Another blast from the past: square toes

On the subject of the 90s, let’s conclude with another trend that seems to be making a great resurgence. It’s been almost three decades since we saw square toes walking down our streets, but this is exactly what designers at recent shows are bringing back for 2019.

This seems to be something that is making its way onto all types of footwear as well. Whether it’s high heeled boots, pumps or even UGG-collaborations, square toes seem to be making a comeback that absolutely nobody could have foreseen a short while ago.

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