If you have a close friend or family member in prison, then you must know how frustrating and stressful it can be for him and you. People go to jail for a lot of reasons. Many, if not most, go to prison because they are undocumented immigrants while others are in prison because they smoked weed in public or failed to obey a traffic rule. Whatever the reason is, a life an incarcerated person is not easy at all. Being a friend or family member, it is your responsibility to take care of your imprisoned friend. Below in this article, we’ll take you through a few most common yet extremely thoughtful ways you can take care of him. To learn about them, continue reading.

Send Money If Possible

You must be familiar with the fact that your loved ones are getting the things they need to spend a good healthy life. Many people don’t consider sending money to their family or friends. However, think for instance the things he can do with the amount you’ll send to them. He can contact an attorney and have access to phone cards, paper, a pen, envelopes, stamps, and anything they might need in the process. 

Moreover, with that money, he can buy good food and better personal care products toothbrushes or toothpaste. However, it can be challenging to transfer cash to them, but online money transfer service services such as Western Union allow you to send money to an inmate account

Stay Connected

It is essential that you contact your loved ones now and then, so they don’t feel alone and fall into depression. Depending on the facility and the services available there, you can contact him through different options. Probably the most common way of staying connected with him is via phone calls. This will allow you and him to stay updated on how each of you is doing. 

Another great option is to send digital messages, which is similar to traditionally mailed letters. You cannot even imagine how a simple act of receiving a message can make your loved one’s day. Still, nothing can match in-person and video visits that allow you to meet and talk to your friend in prison.

Communicate Positive Messages

It comes as no surprise that people in prison often experience self-doubts, anxiety, stress, and depression. They always question their self-worth or value to others. That happens and is completely normal because they are not living their normal lives. 

Your job is to communicate positive messages when you meet him in-person. Remind him that they are strong and can survive. Whether you visit, write, call, or answer your friend or family member’s message, you must remind him how much you care and love. 

Prepare For a Loved One’s Re-Entry

Re-entering society is an emotional as well as an exciting time for your imprisoned loved one and you. It doesn’t really mean that you do not have to support them anymore. You want to welcome your loved one with full celebration, happiness, and joy. This will encourage them to start a new life again. For helping him do so, you need to make sure you are giving all your love, care, and support to him.

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