Precious metals are durable, rare, and desirable monetary instruments. Investors seek these assets as they bring in high value. The global market size for precious metals is expected to rise at a CAGR of 9.0 percent for revenue from 2020 to 2027.  

Each of these precious metals is driven by its unique supply and demand characteristics. You can find valuable market research and analysis of precious metals on top providers such as Auctus Metals. Portfolio diversification can help when prices fluctuate between the dollar value and the market prices. 

These five precious metals can expand and diversify your portfolio:

  • Gold

Gold is a long-time favorite among precious metal investors. It makes a beneficial investment as it tends to ride out recessions and economic slowdowns. Gold is principally in demand for jewelry and as currency. Other industries such as electronics and dentistry use its application. 

The prices of gold fluctuate throughout the day and week. However, it is more attached to sentiment. Many investors desire to hoard this shiny metal. During financial instability, gold stands as a safe value store. It maintains its value regardless of any inflation crisis. 

  • Silver

Silver is not only a valuable metal but also a widely sought industrial metal. It is relatively inexpensive in comparison to gold. This makes it easier to invest with smaller amounts. You can build your diverse portfolio by investing in silver periodically. 

It witnesses more volatile price fluctuations than gold. The value of its applications influences the prices of silver. Batteries, superconductor applications, and other electrical appliances use silver. With the increase in the demand for these appliances, the value of silver enhances.  

The supply of silver is also diversified. Moreover, its demand globally is mostly high. These factors make silver a precious metal that is worth investing in.

  • Platinum 

Platinum is not a common investment like gold and silver. However, the market value for this precious metal is high. It is beneficial to diversify your portfolio by adding platinum to your investments. 

It is used mainly for jewelry and vehicular catalytic converters. Generally, platinum tends to be more expensive than gold. However, it is not prone to similar spikes in its market value.

Platinum is a rare precious metal. Most of the global platinum comes from Russia and South Africa. Its supply is precarious and concentrated. This makes it more valuable in the market. 

  • Palladium 

This shiny metal is lesser-known in comparison to the above precious metals. However, it has more industrial applications. Its uses in jewelry are minimal. Though its characteristics are similar to platinum, it is sought by many investors. It serves as a valuable addition to the diversification of their precious metal portfolio. 

Manufacturing industries use palladium for some industrial and electronic products. Medicine, dentistry, and chemical industries also utilize palladium to some extent. Additionally, its sheets can be used in solar energy applications.

This silver metal is harder and more durable in comparison to platinum. Its supply is also precarious and concentrated in the global market. 

  • Copper

Many tend to overlook copper in favor of other precious metals. However, copper has huge market demand. It is the third most used metal globally. Moreover, it tends to be relatively inexpensive. You can diversify your portfolio by investing in copper at lower prices.

Several industrial, decorative, and manufacturing units seek copper. Its demand does not seem to plunge any time soon. Copper bars and coins can make a great addition to your portfolio to diversify it. 

It is beneficial to diversify your portfolio by investing in different precious metals. They serve as a long-time value store. You can assess market analysis through providers such as Auctus Metals. In case the market value fluctuates for one precious metal, your investment in the other diverse metals keeps your assets safe.  

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