It is no wonder that people flock to WordPress when they are learning how to start a blog. Not only is it flexible and easy to use but it is not expensive. Actually, it is free to use. You can build custom blogs and professional websites at no charge to you. The fact that it is beginner blogger friendly is another reason many people love WordPress.

For those of you that want to have a career working online, if you learn how to work with WordPress, you can make some serious money. Finding resources to help you with your WordPress skills is not difficult since the people that have mastered WordPress know there is a huge market of people that want to learn it.

The more that technology improves, the more WordPress steps to the front of the line in terms of best blogging platform and best platform to make a website. You can start learning about WordPress now no matter what stage you are in from one of the following resources:

1. Official WordPress Lessons

If you are totally new to WordPress and need the basics, head over to the official lessons. Go to, look through the themes and find one to customize. Since WordPress is pretty easy to use, you should make it through these lessons pretty quickly. Everything from learning how to put posts and pages up on the site to making sure that your WordPress site is mobile.

Even the least tech involved people have found themselves going through these lessons and feeling confident afterwards. These are a great place to start and build a foundation for the other lessons to come. You will also find a page that will help you learn the WordPress lingo so that you can get into the blogging world and know what you are talking about. This is a free site so the price is right for anyone on a budget.

2. WordPress TV

The site is a little all over the place, but there is a lot of valuable information. Whether you are a first-time learner that needs to see exactly how things are done or you are looking for a comprehensive tutorial so you can get a full understanding of the system, this site is a good resource. There are some advanced tips on here for people that need to do something more in depth.

You will find a lot of the content is related to add-ons, plugins and ready made functions. The reason for WordPress TV is to encourage everyone to be a part of the community and to be a sort of open discussion. You can upload your own useful videos to the site if you are so inclined. An interesting site if you are willing to search around for what you need. Their navigation and ease of use is not at its A game.

3. WordPress: Visual QuickStart Guide 3rd Edition

This QuickStart Guide is made specifically for people that need to learn visually and like to learn with their hands in a textbook. There is also an ebook if you want to be able to learn that way. The guide goes over all of the basics you would need to do if you are a beginner that is just getting started blogging but it also goes over topics for more experienced users that want to get more out of their WordPress website.

By the time you are done with this book, you will be able to create a functional and attractive WordPress-powered site. You will see screenshots with each of the instructions so you do not have to guess if you are in the right place or not. It is well organized and walks you through slowly so if you do not need all of the explanation, it is easy to skip a few pages.

4. WPBeginner

WPBeginner is a great resource for beginner WordPress users and has so many tutorials that you could probably find about anything that you need on the site. Besides for having so much content readily available, it is also a major win since the site is free for users to browse through and gain as much knowledge about WordPress as they would like. It is no wonder that they have over 600,000 readers.

While the site does cater to beginners, even if you are a seasoned WordPress users, you can learn a few new tricks reading through the various articles.

5. Hongkiat

Hongkiat is mainly for people that want to learn about creating more complex designs that are aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to learn more about the core of WordPress, you probably want to pass on this site. If you are a designer and want to learn about specific features, functions and shortcode editors then this is a great place for you.


Wherever you decide to start learning about WordPress, it is a great investment of your time since so many businesses use WordPress and need people to take care of the issues that arise on a daily basis. If you aren’t looking for a job then creating your own website with the knowledge that you gather can be much less expensive than hiring a designer. Having this knowledge will allow you to be a valuable asset to a team or to yourself in this digital world that we live in today.

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