Sheffield is not necessarily what you first think of, when thinking of a day out in northern England. However, it has a lot to offer and is a nice size to explore within a day. Also, ever since the latest series of Doctor Who, Sheffield has gained international recognition and has been threatened with an influx of tourists. So, let’s look at what people can do in Sheffield, for a few specific and general idea.

Sheffield was an industrial powerhouse back in the day, alongside other great northern cities like Manchester and Bolton. Over the years de-industrialisation across the UK has meant many cities have had to adapt and change. Buildings such as factories, power stations and the like have had to be repurposed to buildings such as car parks to student accommodation, Sheffield has found a purpose for them all. Therefore, it’s nice to simply walk through this town, to see the mix of the old and new, the redesigned and the rebuilt. Sheffield manages to balance the old with the new harmoniously.

Its sense of industrial heritage can be seen beyond the buildings too. If you are interested by its industrial history a good place to start will be the museum of Sheffield, situated in the Weston park, which is also a great spot for a picnic in its own right. If it’s science that tickles your taste buds more than history, perhaps you would prefer the Alfred Denny museum, however it is quite small and booking ahead can be advised!

Sheffield is celebrated for how multicultural it has become. The variety of different places to eat reveals a small glimmer of this diversity and allows you try many different cuisines. This is something to explore for yourself, as there is quite literally something for everyone, even on a budget.

Sheffield can also be great for those who want a bit of mix of the rural and urban getaway, this is because it is right on the border of the Peak district. Therefore, they day can be split between a walk in the Peak district to begin with, a huge rewarding lunch for your hard work (either in the city or in some delightful Peak district pubs), then after lunch the city can be explored. This also lends itself to more than just a day out, as there are enough walks in the Peak district to keep you entertained for the best part of the week, while Sheffield itself will allow you to break up the walking with more sightseeing. No matter what everyone in your group is interested in, Sheffield can accommodate.

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