If you’re a total newbie to exhibitions and trade shows, you might feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the extensive selection of banner stands that you can choose from.  Companies like Identity-Links offer high-quality printed and other items like promotional backpacks to build brand awareness.

How can you determine which type of banner to use for your campaign? How do you know if the size you pick is right for your business? What are the key factors to consider when creating the banner’s design and layout? These are just some of the questions that you need to consider before you shop for an event banner stand.

Make sure you purchase the right product by reading about the different display systems available in the market.

Understanding banner stands

Banner stands are classified into two types, namely roll-up and pop-up banners. As the name suggests, roll-up banners will require you to pull the canvass down to assemble the banner stand. As for the pop-up banners, these are larger in size and requires the use of clips and Velcro.

Both types of banner stands are equipped with a top bar and a support pole. If you use a roll up banner, you will find a hollow base which also serves as the container of the canvass after you detach the support pole.

When you shop for a banner stand, make sure to check the quality of its components. It should be made from high quality materials so you can use the banner for as long as needed. Visit website resources and review sites and read through the product descriptions of various banner stands, before choosing.

Learning more about printed graphics

The graphic design is the most crucial part of the banner stand. It should be free from errors and design issues to ensure that your customers or prospects get the right message. You can either hire a professional designer to help you conceptualise the design and content or handle the task yourself.

When you think of the graphic design, be sure to consider what type of finish you want to see. Do you want a matt or glossy finish? Take note that if you include a lot of text on the banner, you should avoid using a glossy finish because your target customers might not be able to read your content.

Knowing the right size to use

The last factor you need to consider before shopping for a banner stand is its size. Do you need a small-sized banner? Do you need a large one? Standard banner stands measure about 7 x 3 ft, but you can have the size customised depending on your needs. Make sure to contact the supplier about the required size plus the prescribed specification of the image you will use.

By considering the factors above, you can find the correct banner stand to use for your business. Once you know the size, quality of the material and the graphic design you should use for the banner stand, you can easily determine how much money you need to spend per item. There are hundreds of banner stand suppliers you can contact to produce the required item.


Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/student-typing-keyboard-text-849826/

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