iFOREX is a world-leading broker with over 22 years of experience in the financial arena. It offers online trading services to CFD investors worldwide and provides premium services in multiple languages. Want to know more about this broker’s services, tradable instruments and available offers? Here are 7 things you need to know.

  1. iFOREX is a regulated broker

The iFOREX Group includes several companies and operates various brands around the world. Among others, iFOREX is the trading name of Formula Investment House Ltd., an investment firm licensed and supervised by the British Virgin Islands’ Financial Services Commission. As a regulated broker, the company offers Negative Balance Protection, ensuring clients’ accounts can never go into minus, and iFOREX takes many steps to protect its clients’ privacy and security.

  1. The company operates a proprietary trading platform

iFOREX doesn’t use a standard trading platform but has developed its own in-house platform using real clients’ experience and feedback. It is both advanced and user-friendly and fully equipped with innovative trading tools, live charts and a large choice of technical indicators, provided by a third party.

  1. The mobile app is fantastic

It’s impossible to speak about online trading today without considering mobile. With global markets operating both day and night in different time zones, it is vital that traders are able to access their account on the go in order to monitor and manage deals, react to news and take advantage of opportunities with minimal delays. The iFOREX App can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play and it allows for an optimal mobile trading experience.

  1. Traders can access over 800 tradable instruments

iFOREX offers over 800 CFDs from different industries and markets: currency pairs, commodities, indices, shares, cryptos and ETFs. This allows for portfolio diversification and better risk management. There is leveraged trading available and maximum leverage is 400:1, meaning that with a $500 investment, you can open trades of up to $200,000. However, leverage increases not just trading power, but also risk to your investment, so be sure to use it with sufficient knowledge.

  1. Customer service is spectacular

Sometimes it appears as if automation has taken over the online trading industry. It’s not rare to find yourself needing assistance and ending up chatting with bots, because human service is difficult to come by. iFOREX still values service from real people, and while you can find answers in the FAQs, you are also invited to contact their customer support by email or phone and speak with a representative – usually in your own language.

  1. All clients enjoy free 1-on-1 training

Once you activate your iFOREX Account, you will be able to enjoy free, personal training with a trading coach. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, get to know the platform and tools and gain insight into trading and how it works. Keep in mind that if you want to practice and test your skills before you start trading for real, you can use the $5,000 Demo Account this broker gives you to train and learn at your own pace, with no risk.

  1. Check out their education resources

Even if you know a lot about trading and have plenty of experience, you can still learn new trading strategies and improve and enhance your knowledge. The education resources at iFOREX cover many topics and are suitable for traders of all levels. There are informative PDFs, video tutorials and articles, and all you need to do is choose what works for you.

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