The US economy would take a significant hit if trucks suddenly stopped. Many of the contributions of a trucking company to a society’s wellbeing go unseen. Trucking is more than a journey from A to B. It is about convenience, speed, logistics and most importantly cargo. Oftentimes, it’s all about a combination of efficiency and the right cargo delivery time that makes the world go round. So how would the world look like if all trucks stopped?

Trucking company shutdown: the aftermath

If trucks were to stop, Americans would quite probably find themselves in life-threatening situations. The industries that suffer immediately from the onslaught of such a reality include food, healthcare, transportation, retail, manufacturing, waste removal, and banking.

In the very first 24 hours, hospitals would be faced with a medical supplies crisis, gas stations would be overbusy and delivery services would cease. In the following days, grocery stores and restaurants would run out of fresh food, banks and ATMs would be out of cash, gas stations would be out of fuel and garbage would start clogging the cities and suburbs. Even more, the lack of fuel would lead to the termination of motor transportation in about a week. Lack of fuel that typical assistance vehicles would cease (police, firefighters, ambulances). Also, hospitals would begin running low on oxygen supplies. The last straw of this situation would be the depletion of clean water supplies.

Secondary effects of life without trucks

Yes, life without trucks might seem like a very scary reality but the aforementioned effects are only the direct effects of a freeze in the trucking industry. Secondary effects of such a shutdown are also worth a mention. Issues like reduced law enforcement, increased crime, scant communication, inaccessible medical treatments, and civil unrest are only some of the secondary effects that will change society as a whole.

Hopefully, this article allows for the well-deserved appreciation  for truck drivers. We already display a lot of trust and appreciation for our public transportation system (who could imagine how life without public transport would be nowadays?), but truck drivers are often undermined. Without their efforts, the United States would come to a standstill. If you’re a truck driver or the owner of a trucking company, know that your role in society is highly valued and that you provide a very important service to this country.

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