FAQs About Online Surveys

Sitting there watching videos on random topics in your free time? How about earning money in your free time by just filling out an online survey? Yes, you can make money just by sharing your valuable insights in the form of online surveys. The concept of paid surveys is gaining popularity with every passing day. There are many good websites that offer money for online surveys.

Many people are filling online surveys to help companies get important data on their products. Many medium and big brands use these paid surveys frequently to peep into the minds of their target customers. They are always on the lookout for gaining more clarity about the preferences of customers. Therefore, by getting a chance to go straight up to their target, these companies improve their business, marketing strategies, and services.

Here we have provided a list of 7 frequently asked questions about survey sites that pay you. This will help you gain a better understanding if you are a new survey taker.

Is it really possible to make money by doing online surveys in free time?

The answer is a big YES! It is possible to make money by filling online surveys. The input of customers is extremely significant and valuable to companies. These companies pay a decent dollar for it. Mostly when brands want to find out what the customers think about their products and services, market research companies is their first option. Market research companies carry out these surveys looking for valuable data and feedback which helps the brands. Online surveys serve as a medium which helps in taking valuable opinions online. Except, the benefit is that you will get paid for it.

What kind of survey questions should I expect?

Customer data plays a very important role for brands in devising marketing strategies and taking business decisions. Now this means, that you can expect a wide range of questions based on products and services in the market. Companies formulate these questions based on their research and finally come up with either direct or indirect questions that will help them build a clear picture. The information gathered by these surveys helps them fine-tune their services or products as per the preferences of the customers. Surveys can be on a wide range of topic. Some surveys take a minimum of five minutes to complete. However, some take a fairly long time.

Why do these companies pay people for surveys?

Well, because absolutely nothing in this life is free. Companies understand the fact the only way to garner the interest of opinionated consumers is to pay them for their time. The plan of action of credible companies always involves relevant data from the customers. All the successful brands value their customers and happily pay them for taking out some time to answer these questions.

How do the paid surveys work?

Companies want information. They hire the best market research companies to run their surveys. The market research companies, also known as survey sites, pay the customers (you) for sharing your opinions.

How do the online survey sites pay you?

Almost all good survey websites pay you in similar ways. There are three common methods in which survey websites pay:

  1. Cash: This is done through Check or PayPal
  2. Points: These are the points that you can convert into prizes, coupons or gift cards.
  3. Entries: This method uses points to enter into prize giveaways and cash.

The present trend is shifting towards cash and PayPal more than the gift card option. Survey websites are beginning to realize that customers prefer cash more than any other option.

How much do the online survey websites pay?

This is probably the most frequently asked question about survey sites. The truth is that you cannot get rich by taking online surveys every now and then. There are many factors involved when it comes to making money with online surveys. It depends on the number of online surveys you take up, the consistency on which you take these surveys and the fact that if you are capable of qualifying to higher paying online surveys. There are methods to increase your earning potential on online surveys. You can always sign up for more than one website so you have number of opportunities. Getting into the habit of making a survey on a weekly and a monthly basis is another method.

Are online paid survey sites legit?

Unfortunately, there are some survey websites which are not legit. These websites bring a bad reputation to the survey market. Earning money by taking surveys always sounds like a great way to earn a little extra cash. Some people take advantage of customers who get excited about these opportunities. The most common signs of a survey site being a scam are:

  1. They will charge money from you to join their network.
  2. They will make promises of paying you thousand on a monthly basis.

You will always be better off focusing on authentic survey sites. You can find many legit online paid survey sites. Make sure that you do not get overwhelmed.

Is there a cost to take surveys online and get paid?

The answer to this question is NO. There is absolutely no added cost to take any online surveys. Any legit online survey site which follows the rules and regulations will never charge any money from the customers in filling out surveys. A credible and a legitimate online survey site will always be free to join and become a member of. You will just have to provide basic important information to join these websites. In addition to this, you will get paid for filling out surveys.

If you can follow some of the rules then you can easily make decent money every year. However, if you wish to make more than that then it requires serious investment on your part.

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