I’m taking a blog break tonight because I’m spending the night writing a song for The Hoff and his new fiancée.

However, I thought I would tide you over with a picture of the world’s most handsome man in the worlds most glorious t-shirt.

Thousandaire Apparel is Apparently Awesome!!!

Kevin McKee Thousandaire

Now there's a handsome devil if I do say so myself!

Yes, I have Thousandaire t-shirts. In fact, this is my second batch of Thousandaire shirts I’ve ordered. The first batch was so horrible even I wouldn’t wear them. This batch turned out much better. The shirts look good, and they are SUPER COMFORTABLE!

I’m Breaking Out the Shirts for the Financial Blogger Conference!

I doubt I’m going to win any Plutus Awards, but I’m already proclaiming myself the winner of the “Best Dressed” at the Financial Blogger Conference.

I’m pretty pumped about meeting some of my favorite personal finance bloggers. I’ve already committed to buying JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly a beer, and I’m also planning on sitting down somewhere and drinking absolutely nothing (we couldn’t decide) with Paula Pant of Afford Anything.

Here are my questions for you:

  1. If you are going to the Financial Blogger Conference, would you like to hang out with me over some unspecified food or drink item?
  2. I intend to do some video blogging at the Financial Blogger Conference. Is there any particular question(s) you’d like me to ask all the financial nerds in Chicago?
  3. I doubt anyone would actually pay real money for a Thousandaire shirt, but if I sent you a free shirt via a giveaway, would you wear it in public? Be honest…

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