If you’re looking to access a suitable loan in the United Kingdom and you need to know what organisations out there offer the services you’re looking for, this post www.creditpoor.co.uk/lenders/ is a good place to start. Although there is still the existence of unauthorised illegal loan sharks, we have made a profile of some of the top performing UK corporate lenders here, highlighting their varying interest rates, reviews from previous customers and their general positioning within the lending landscape. So here’s a compilation of the UK’s best lenders in no particular order:

  1. Wonga

Wonga is a decently popular lender within the United Kingdom and even beyond. This lender started operations in 2007 and has risen to be one of the most easily recognisable corporate lenders around, raking in a lot of business along the way. Wonga pays important attention to credit score rating when they engage with potential lenders. They also serve fairly steep interest rates, perhaps owing to their popularity and the fact that they have had a huge success growing up and now hold a strong share of the market.

  1. Readies

Readies is not exactly an active lender on the market, but the service of this company has proved to be very crucial in the lending industry. With the number of lenders available in the UK, a first-time borrower is overwhelmed by choice. Finding the right loan package that suits your exact needs can prove something of a challenge. Enter Readies. This company helps you track down the best loan service for your particular need. The company works with individuals to professionally determine what package best suits them both in terms of the loan structure itself as well as repayment plans.

  1. Satsuma Loans

Satsuma is proud to mention that it has given out over 90,000 loans in the past year alone. This figure stands as a shining testament to their openness to giving out loans. Satsuma has a list of conditions to be fulfilled before a loan application is granted, but this list is the basic standard legal requirement binding on the players in the lending industry for their own safety. Once these terms are met, satsuma proudly states that the loan will be processed without delay. This company is building a reputation as a very approachable lender with a speedy processing unit and an honest authentic relationship with their customers. These claims check out quite well, which explains why they are one of the best lenders in the UK.

  1. Quickquid

QuickQuid is one of the most reputable short-term loan companies in the United Kingdom. CashEuroNet UK LLC uses this company for lending loans to people in the United Kingdom. Quickquid has one of the fastest loan response times in the country. Loans have been known to be granted in as little as 10 minutes, true to their name. Quickquid also boasts no hidden charges and a fee of £12 for a missed payment.

  1. Piggybank

Piggybank is another important player in the lending industry. They offer as much as £1000 for new customers and up to £1500. The first thing that Piggybank puts forward as a differentiator in the market, or at least the value proposition they are best at, is transparency. This means honest interest rates that work just as they have been announced. For instance, they have a loan calculator displayed on their website with which borrowers can use to see a clear breakdown of the loan including interest and loan repayment, a gesture that indicates that they want to be seen as transparent.

  1. UK Credit Loans

UK Credit Loans was established in 2010, with the main objective to make loans accessible to people who are not able to access credit. They provide loans from £1000 to £10,000 with five-year repayment plans. The company has enjoyed a rich patronage because of concessions like receiving tenants as guarantors, and you can still get a loan from them even when you have a bad credit history, only present someone else with a great credit rating.

  1. Creditpoor

This company’s slogan, loans for bad credit, says everything that needs to be said about their unique selling proposition. Entering the lending market, they quickly established themselves by providing loans to people with poor credit scores, which is something that no other lender was doing at the time. By also positioning themselves as very approachable to prospective users, they unlocked a new group of first-time borrowers and won over their trust. Creditpoor also has a stupid simple website that makes engagement much easier, and their fast loan approval and payout feature have persuaded a lot of business their way.

This list is by no means exhaustive of the various credit brokers and corporate lenders. It samples some of the best players, but if you’re looking for a credible lender in the UK, this list www.creditpoor.co.uk/lenders/ is a good place to begin.


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