business-861327_640There is an overabundance of budgeting and personal finance advice available on the internet. This makes it almost impossible for people with limited financial experience to discern which advice is good and which should be avoided. Two of the best ways to ensure your money management tactics are going to help create the security and abundance you desire are choosing only authoritative sources online and asking for personal recommendations from those you know and trust.

Authoritative Sources

There are two ways to choose an authoritative source. The first is by selecting a leader in the industry. These are blogs or websites that are maintained by businesses or individuals who focus entirely on the subject of personal finance. If they have a strong following and web presence it is far more likely they will publish sound advice. The other option is to choose an industry leader in a related field that is focusing on some aspect of personal finance. This could be a computer or app expert that has written about programs or apps specifically designed to address the issue of personal finance.

There are numerous blogs that have an established and loyal following such as, which can provide high-quality financial advice. The first is an example of an industry leader and the second of an expert in a related field discussing budgeting and personal finance apps. One way to determine the popularity and authority of a blog or website is by researching their statistics by using tools such as Similar Web. When you find a handful of good sites, it will be easier to see patterns in the advice that is given and to recognize which is accepted as best practice policies throughout the industry.

Personal Testimonials

Another way to make sure the advice you are considering following is based on sound research is to ask friends, family, and associates what has worked for them in the past. Choose only those people you know well and who will be willing to discuss their situation openly and honestly. They may have a favorite program they use consistently to maintain control of their budget, techniques that helped eliminate debt or books that have helped redefine their relationship with money. When these types of resources are shared with you, they are worth investigating.

It is common for experts and those with a solid understanding of their own financial situation to give certain pieces of advice. Some of these include the importance of setting specific goals by identifying what is most important to you personally and to your long-term financial security. Another is to make saving a priority even if the amount seems small initially. When you see this type of advice it is a good indicator that the person who is relating such to you is able to offer solid insight.

When you begin feeling your way around the world of personal finance and working towards financial security it can be intimidating. Do not let inexperience make you afraid to question the validity of any advice you find and always be willing to do a bit of additional research to make sure it is accurate. It will take a little more time in the beginning to guarantee you are following only the best advice but, in the end, it will be time well spent.

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