glasses-543117_640If you have done any shopping online, you would have by now realized that online prices are just cheaper when compared to offline prices that you pay at your local mall. Since online retailers are able to centrally hold their inventory in a single warehouse with low overhead costs, they are able to pass on a lot of their cost savings to you.

The scenario is no different when it comes to glasses as well. Before, the only way to buy prescription glasses would be to go to your ophthalmologist, get a prescription and then head over to your mall to find glasses, using that prescription. But now, thanks to online glasses shopping sites like Express Glasses, you can buy overnight glasses from the comfort of your home, using your prescription. What more, ordering such glasses online at sites like Express Glasses will help you get them shipped in just a day, about the same time a mall store will take to fit your frames with your lenses!

Buying online at Express Glasses has its other benefits as well. First, you are given an abundance of choice and ease of searching when you are looking for very specific frames. For example, if you want men’s glasses with an Aviator style frame, in a red color and made out of metal, you can select exactly those filter parameters to find at least a dozen frames that you can then choose from.

Imagine having such a specific taste when you visit the glasses store at your mall. The salesperson will probably be able to find you maybe one or two glasses that match these exact criteria of yours, if that!

Express Glasses has realized that people want to be able to buy glasses that match their very exacting style needs, fulfilling a prescription and also wanting to buy 24 hour glasses in the sense that they want their glasses within a day of their purchase. This exact need is what is fulfilled by Express Glasses that is one of very few online glasses retailers that makes next day glasses possible, shipping glasses in a day or less.

When you order, you will be given a form where you have to enter your pupil distance and the prescription numbers as written out by your ophthalmologist. Since the website’s ordering form requires you to enter your prescription’s numbers in the same standardized format that your ophthalmologist wrote it out in, there’s very little chance of making an error. If you still have doubts or concerns about how to enter your prescription, you can always call customer service at Express Glasses who will guide you and make you feel assured that you have entered your prescription details correctly.

Express Glasses is a GoDaddy verified site with a SSL certificate that makes it very safe for online shopping without having to worry about your credit card or debit card details being misused.

If you are in need of glasses, we highly recommend that you save money, buy a very unique style and also get your glasses shipped to you in just a day or less, using the Express Glasses website.

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