Passive income is an important subject, and it has become even more relevant, now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. It can be useful when you least expect it, and once you’ve made a specific product or an action that ignited the passive source of income, you are virtually done with work.

This doesn’t imply you should completely forget about this type of income; it merely means you don’t have to be as active as you are at your daily job, for example. This includes checking in how it’s going from time to time and making sure there are not some profound changes you oversaw. How can you make a passive source of income? Here are some examples:

Making your own course/videos/etc.

What does this exactly mean? Well, if you have a skill that many of your friends or even their friends are asking you to teach them, or you feel like you can share your knowledge about whatever it is with people, you can start a course! There is an affiliate program by lots of reputable course-websites, where you can become a teacher. This means putting your time into preparing materials, lessons, and how do you want to approach your students. Good lighting, sound and video are also a must, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Check if you can borrow it from a friend. Once you are done with filming and editing, you can send the course, and then whoever decides to participate, a certain amount of money will appear on your account. How is this passive income? Simple. You put effort into creating a course, and this is not something you have to do all over again every month. It’s there, it’s available, and you will benefit from it whenever somebody signs up, which means you are now a passive recipient. This is only one of many examples of how you can make passive income online, but what we want to focus on is:

Investing online

Many people, despite the popular opinion, are starting to get more and more interested in trading during the pandemic. The trading market hasn’t stopped, cryptos are still popular, and as the year draws to an end, we are yet to witness how it will change next year. Whether you want to buy or sell currency pairs, or you are interested in cryptocurrency, Forex (foreign exchange) is the way to go. It is a decentralized trading market that operates on the internet. This is a lot easier for traders since they can observe the market and invest from the comfort of their home. A few essential tips, along with doing proper research, would be to look at brokerage companies that have a certificate and a licence (which prevents scams). Of course, you should look out and select only reputable brokers to trade with, to get a better experience and learn to be a profitable trader.

Forex isn’t a place where you earn thousands overnight?

It’s not because Forex isn’t a lottery. It’s a place where you should implement the knowledge you will gain by yourself and with the help of your broker. Remember, if you intend to make Forex a source of passive income, you should treat it like you treat your money in general. You work hard for your money. Well, here you will work together with more experienced people to become a trader that can spot a good opportunity for buying or selling, but that will also come with time. Patience is something many beginners oversee, so that’s why we want to remind you that it is an essential part of the trading process if you want to make it a source of passive income. 

Forex is a good source of passive income. Once you buy something you consider, it will grow over time, so you don’t mess around with it a lot. A financial advisor (a broker), will be there to help you devise a plan once you explain you want it to be a source of passive income, meaning you won’t have to check every day what’s going on. Still, try to learn as much you can at the beginning, so your passive income can grow slowly but surely.

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