CBD is a cannabinoid in the cannabis and hemp plants. This makes its legality a little iffy, let alone the ability to travel with it.

Now that CBD oil extracted from hemp is legal in all 50 states, traveling with CBD just got a lot easier! But what if you’re traveling internationally?

However, you could run into some restrictions. If you rely on CBD oil for healing, there are some traveling guidelines before you pack your CBD oil in your luggage.

Can you travel with CBD? The short answer is yes. But here are some best practices to keep in mind.

Can You Travel With CBD? Only Hemp-Derived CBD Oil in the US

As mentioned previously, CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. However, it only has to be derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is marijuana’s sister plant and contains less than 0.3% of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

CBD extracted from marijuana poses a risk of THC leaking in the mix, causing users to get “high.” High-THC marijuana strains aren’t legalized on the federal level and are only legal in certain states.

There are more details here.

Can You Travel With CBD? TSA Regulations on Airplanes

As stated previously, you can’t travel with marijuana-extracted CBD products. Only hemp-derived CBD products. The TSA states this on their website.

However, your CBD products need to fall under TSA’s other guidelines.

You need to carry your CBD oil in a container no bigger than 3.4 ounces. In addition, the label needs to clearly state it’s derived from hemp. Keep your CBD oil in a clear bag.

CBD edibles are fine, as long as their label states it’s hemp-derived CBD.

If you vape CBD, you can’t check these products into your bag. However, you can carry it in your luggage or in your pocket. You just can’t use the vape pen in the airport or on the plane.

What About Driving?

Even though CBD oil is legal, driving with it across state lines is still risky. Always look into the state’s individual marijuana laws, research the THC content in your CBD oil, and ensure it clearly states “hemp-derived CBD oil.”

What About International Flights?

Traveling with CBD on an international flight is generally not recommended. But some countries legalized CBD. Before carrying your CBD products on an international flight, learn which countries allow CBD products.

Countries where CBD is legal include:

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • Macedonia
  • Mexico
  • Puerto Rico
  • Uruguay
  • Turkey

It’s still best to do research into the airports and security standards that these countries hold about traveling with CBD products.

CBD Recognition Is Growing

Can you travel with CBD? Yes, but some restrictions apply. Never travel with CBD derived from marijuana. Take extra caution with international flights. And pay attention to the type of CBD product you’re using.

Fortunately, more CBD recognition is growing on a global scale. Hopefully, traveling with CBD will have fewer restrictions in the future.

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