Permanent vs Term Life Insurance: Which Do I Need?

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You may be like a lot of people who are completely done relying solely on others for banking, finances, management and insurance advice. You are ready to become 100% responsible for your life, your money, and your banking. You are ready to learn, to be coachable, and to take ownership.

Why Are Some Educational Institutions Eliminating Standardized Testing?

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Pros and Cons of Standardized Testing Over the past few decades, standardized testing has caused quite a bit of controversy, with many parents raising concerns over their children being evaluated on the basis of tests that have nothing to do with the real learning.   Both public and private schools in the US use a standards-based grading system. However, since

Top Efficiency Tips for the Greenhorn Manager

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As a new manager, it can be hard to get your team on your side. This is made even harder if you’ve never held a management position before. But everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s vital you tuck great habits under your belt when you first start out. Being a great manager takes a lot of work but it’s worth it in the end to see your business — and your employees — thrive. It’s through low levels of unemployment and efficient management skills that New York City’s economy was able to grow by more than 3% in the first quarter this year despite the average American holding more than $38,000 worth of debt.

Earn Extra Money Fast With $idehusl

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I recently got into a situation where I needed to come up with $1,500 quickly. Bills just seem to snowball out of nowhere. Then, I had to have minor emergency surgery. There are many times when I miss being a young person. When we are young, we don’t have to worry about making a living. Sometimes, problems and expenses have

How Has the Parcel Delivery Industry Evolved?

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Globalisation has a lot to thank the parcel industry for. The less appreciated and non-glorified logistics and courier industry employs hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, sending millions of parcels each year. Parcels have played a major role throughout times and across geographies, offering a solid platform for other businesses and industries to grow big. Technology has kept

Saving Money and Staying Comfy: The Top Tips for Saving Money on New Furniture

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Filling a home with new furniture can easily cost upwards of $14,000. Many people don’t just have that kind of money laying around to dedicate towards buying furniture. There are certain tactics that you can use in order to save yourself some money in the long run and still get that beautiful, modern furniture you’re looking for.