Review: The Millionaire Next Door (Updated)

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What comes to mind when you hear the word, “millionaire?” Do you think of working-class people vying to win $1 million on a game show? Or, of rich people in mansions breaking open Faberge eggs for breakfast? Well, achieving wealth isn’t about money, its about your mindset regarding money. That is the point of the 1997 book The Millionaire Next

How Long To Become A Millionaire Calculator

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    This code takes your initial balance, monthly contributions, and annual interest rate as input and calculates how many years it will take for you to reach a million-dollar balance. You can customize the initial values based on your financial situation. Please note that this is a simplified calculator and doesn't account for various real-world factors such

Motley Fool Stock Picks: This Is How to Beat the Market

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When you pick a stock, the intent is usually to outperform the market. However, most investors aren’t successful. So, what do you do if you want to beat the market but don’t like the odds? You can hire help. Most aspiring investors don’t have personal access to hedge fund quality brain power, but you can get it indirectly by subscribing

It’s All About Creating Income

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I was listening to talk radio the other day (because pretty much all music these days is freaking miserable) and there was a guy who was trying to sell his "get rich quick with real estate" program. I wasn't very interested in his real estate program, but I was really interested in his philosophy on money, because he summed it

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 Review: A Comprehensive Look

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(Image courtesy Amazon) The Gen 10 version is durable, lightweight, has a powerful processing system, and is optimal for use by budding entrepreneurs interested in investing, video editing, and earning passive income via bandwidth renting. And even though the high-end version of the machine can cost between $1,800 and up to $2,500, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen

Acer Vero Green Laptop Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Features and Performance

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(Image courtesy Amazon) Acer, a well-established brand in the laptop market, has introduced its latest offering – the Acer Vero Green Laptop - as an eco-friendly and affordable laptop. Along with its intense processing capabilities, this eco-friendly laptop is great for those who want to rent out their bandwidth, make investments via online desktop trading software, or do