Why Do Small Businesses Need Money?

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Starting up a new small business in Australia is a very challenging venture. In a 2016 Australian census, it was revealed that only 77 percent of small businesses survived their first year. The most common cause of failure for new small businesses is not having enough money during the first twelve months. It is, therefore, important for small business owners to have a lot of cash either from savings or from reputable external sources such as Aquamore finance before starting their businesses.

Bitcoin: The Cryptocurrency That Changed The World

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While Bitcoin is a relatively new term, it began to circulate since 2009. During its existence, the use of Bitcoins has been related to the dark side of the network and hackers; as is the case with the most recent cyber attack WannaCry where hackers were asking for Bitcoins bailouts, through Thor (or anonymity network) to guarantee the complete anonymity of the transaction.

Payday Loans are for Suckers

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Desperate people do desperate things. And, if you want to know how valuable money really is, try and borrow some. These are sayings that I always remind myself of when I come into financial trouble. And I was in a lot of financial trouble when I was in my 20s and 30s. Isn’t it odd how desperate people always seem

Yes, You Can Get A Personal Loan Even If You’re Unemployed

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It’s hard to survive if you don’t have a job. The rent and groceries need to be paid for. Let’s not even talk about the bills that are due at the end of the month. Life without a job is pretty tough. When you’re unemployed, lenders give you a hard time. High street banks and building societies will refuse to


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We can all agree on the fact that parenting a child can be one of the most dauntless tasks, but despite the numerous responsibilities, it is something we should never be afraid of. Ensuring adequate education for your children can be one of those responsibilities. As your kids grow, they will want to achieve their dreams. They will start planning about their future endeavors and an educational plan insurance policy is something that should be on top of your priority list. Expenditures such as the cost of higher education can cost a fortune, so you must start investing in an adequate education and health coverage plan in Il.

John Templeton’s 16 Investing Rules

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Sir John Templeton was arguably one of the greatest investing experts of the 20th century. He innovated the concepts of international and contrarian investing that most people take for granted today. Templeton was one of the earliest advocates of value investing. When he sold his company, the Templeton Growth Fund in 1992, it was worth over $13 billion. So, if