How to Reduce the Risk of Medical Identity Theft During COVID-19

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Scammers and thieves thrive in times of panic, and the COVID-19 pandemic has created fertile ground for fraud. According to PR Newswire, cases of identity theft have already risen since March when the COVID-19 crisis began taking root across the country. In just 2017, the median loss for health care fraud offenses was over $1 million.

Advice to Help You Start Trading CFDs

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Today, Nigeria is a popular location for global brokerage firms. Online trading is booming. Through modern tools, locals may buy and sell a range of financial instruments. This year when lockdown measures have shattered conventional employment, remote opportunities are vital. Thanks to brokers, Nigerians may learn about the trading of special derivatives known as CFDs. Today, it is easy to

Smart Ways to Earn and Save More While Completing Nursing School

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If you are fairly savvy with your money, then you will approach nursing school like any other long-term plan. Attending an accredited nursing school is going to cost money, and it is going to take time to reach the point of graduating. You may need to cut back on your work hours to make time for class, while the financial pressure of school actually requires some students to work even more. If you have money in your savings account, then you don’t want nursing school to lead to you going broke. Find smart ways to earn more money, save more money, and lead a comfortable existence, all while furthering your education.

Start Working On Your Financial Future Right NOW

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Times are tough for everyone right now but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! COVID-19 has left millions of people without jobs and the immediate future certainly looks bleak. However, with some proper planning, determination, and hard work, you can ensure that your family is financially secure for many years to come.

FDH Bank Pledges MK3 Million to Fund ICAM Conference

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FDH Bank, Malawi’s leading commercial bank, pledged MK3 million to the Institute of Chartered Accountants Malawi (ICAM), to finance the organisation’s annual lake conference staged in Mangochi from the 19th to the 22nd September 2019. At the presentation ceremony in Blantyre, William Mpinganjira, FDH Bank’s Acting Managing Director, explained that as a homegrown financial institution, the bank applauds the role played by the ICAM in promoting accounting discipline throughout Malawi, which is integral to the country’s financial sector.

Barbados Welcoming Foreigners for a Year – Here’s the Catch

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  The only people who are more miserable than those who complain about it are those who remain silent. I don’t have to tell you that there is a lot to miserable about today. The coronavirus has changed life irrevocably on a global scale. There has been so much politicization of the issue, but I think that is a distraction.