Investment is the buzzword in the prevailing times because the world is now learning the art of compounding. To maintain equilibrium amidst all the chaos, Arya presents an automated trading platform that promises optimized and controlled risk management with ancillary capital security.

Here is a guide that illustrates the nuts and bolts of the incredible Arya app.


Features of Arya App

Arya was conceptualized by  TECHX FZ LLC to demolish the privilege gap in the trading sector. 

The brand aims to curate a socially all-inclusive community of finance experts and traders. Besides trading, the Arya app also offers various investment courses which employ pedagogical learning methods to transform concepts into reality and proceeds with a sustainable support system to moderate all kinds of dialogues and debates in the fiscal community.


Pillars of Arya App

It has bloomed immensely and upgraded its constituents for a better investing experience. The three most important features of the Arya app are listed below.

Trading 2.0

Arya has brought algorithmic trading to the general public via trading 2.0. It leverages certain aspects of human behavior and the dynamics of the stock market.

  1. Command on human emotions: Arya is trained to capture impulsive decision-making patterns by the initial steps a trader makes on the platform. Its assistance reduces cognitive biases and limits regular losses to 2%.
  2. Risk management: The intelligent models of this digital platform assess parameters that are detrimental to a particular investment strategy. Thus, optimizing risk factors, entry-exit points, and profit charts.
  3. Real-time market monitoring: The automated algorithm incessantly moderates the trader’s strategy and synchronizes it with the dips and highs of the market.
  4. Position fluctuations & control: Arya app has always believed in the supremacy of human intelligence. So, although the platform is equipped with an automated algorithm and runs on autopilot, it also facilitates switching off the assistance and making suitable configurational changes.
  5. Time & money ratio: Mistakes are a part of human nature, and it is Arya’s responsibility to read between the lines to fill in the loopholes. As the money is invested, the algorithm takes over to evaluate the capital risk within a stipulated time.
  6. Risk to reward ratio: Arya regulates the variations and estimates the loss to profit ratio to provide risk cover for secure trading.

Arya Pro

Arya Pro is designed to assess the most optimal entry points based on market history, statistical analysis, and risk valuation. This segment has three provisional trading entry points, which are listed below.

  1. Market execution: This is a single-point entry with immediate execution of the placed order.
  2. Limit order: This section works on a price threshold, which when exceeded allows order placement. 
  3. Automatic mode: It lets Arya assistant do its magic by gauging market configurations to find the best entry point as per your requirements.

Arya Signals 

An exclusive segment of this trading app, Arya Signals amalgamates trading, teaching, and technology and produces the best out of it. 

Some aspects of the Arya signal include 24/7 assistance by trading experts, template signals, breaking news of the market, currently successful trading plans, and many more. Thus, educating and updating traders to keep up with the changing circumstances. 

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