Now, you agree that merely having a rough idea about online shopping is one thing, and it’s entirely another thing getting to actually utilize the available opportunities to grab some cash back. You want to bridge that gap.

For one, if you’re going to have any success in this endeavor, you must first know exactly where to get the deals offering some money back on online purchases.  Below are some of the sites and apps with the most readily available cash back opportunities:

Get Money Back On Online Purchases with Ibotta

Ibotta has an app that lets you scan a receipt when you buy stuff at a restaurant, store or other affiliated outlet and earn percentage cash back within two days. You can also link your loyalty card with your Ibotta cash back account and earn some cash back points whenever you use it at select stores. You can try that right now!

Also, you get a 5% worth of cash back points when you shop at big online stores like Amazon. All you need to do is log into your Ibotta account and access the store from there. Ibotta will also credit your account with $10 sign up bonus right after you complete your first purchase.


Dosh is arguably one of the new entries into the cash back business offering money back on online purchases, and the big advantage with it is that it pays you in cash as opposed to the redeemable points offered by other sites. You just download the app, link your card, and start shopping as you earn. In fact, they give you a cool $5 bonus when you link your first card. Any other card you link after that earns you $1. That’s great.

Besides those card bonuses, you also get a nice $25 into your account when you do your first hotel booking using Dosh. Also, this cash back site has made affiliations with many local enterprises like breweries, restaurants, stores and even pizzerias to bring its goodness right to your doorstep.


This site is mostly affiliated to Amazon and eBay and offers credible cash back deals to shoppers doing business with over 3,000 retailers, both online and offline. It’s easy to use, with a range of payment methods to choose from – including PayPal deposits, gift cards, and American Express Reward Cards. The other good thing with TopCashBack is that you can find some nice coupons and special seasonal sales on it. The special sales offer you items at lowers prices while coupons earn you free stuff and promotions.

Judging from what you’ve learned above, you can agree that getting to really rake in any credible offers with money back on online purchases isn’t just about knowing about the concept of cash backs, but also pin-pointing the sites that actually extend those offers. Call it “actionable intel.”


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