Yesterday was Tag’s birthday, so I had a very busy weekend between Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping and Tag’s birthday. Unfortunately I was running around all weekend and still haven’t received my new flip cam, so I don’t have a vlog for today. I promise I’ll make it up to you sometime this week.

Happy Birthday TagToday I want to talk about Tag’s birthday. We had a heck of a time and I want to let you all in on some of the fun and how I kept my expenses reasonably low.

The first thing I did was give Tag her present. We don’t usually give physical presents, but I found something perfect for her at Slick Deals. A friend of mine informed me of Slick Deals a few weeks ago, and I’m there every day now looking for a good sale. I bought Tag a Victoria’s Secret sweater for less than $20, and it included a gift card worth $10 or more.

The deal was great, but here’s the truly amazing part; I actually picked out a sweater Tag likes (at least that’s what she tells me)! Here’s the not-so amazing part; I left the receipt out on my kitchen table and Tag found it before I gave her the gift. I was clever enough to hide the gift where she’d never find it, but then stupid enough to leave the bright pink receipt out in broad daylight!

After I flubbed up the gift, I took Tag to lunch at Hard Eight BBQ. We went there because I signed up for the American Express Small Business Saturday, which means my AMEX would give me a $25 statement credit for spending $25 or more at any small business. It’s a great promotion and I truly hope it helped small business all across the country. It was definitely the main reason we chose Hard Eight for lunch, and our meal was essentially free.

Finally, for birthdays, Tag and I like to plan fun adventures for each other and just have a blast together. I picked a Murder Mystery Theater with a buffet. The Murder Mystery was a good show, even though I’m embarrassed to admit that I pegged the wrong individual as the murderer. First I can’t figure out how to hide a receipt, and then I can’t figure out the killer in a Murder Mystery play. How embarrassing! The whole thing cost $110 for the two of us.

I was kind of an idiot at least twice on Tag’s birthday, but that’s actually a lot less than usual. We had two great meals, I got her a present she actually liked, and we had a fantastic time at a Murder Mystery Theater. The whole thing cost less than $130 too. I think it turned out pretty darn well.

Today’s Thousandaire Question: What’s the best birthday you’ve ever had?

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