The internet is not only about the business websites or E-commerce portals or technology platforms; this era is all about changed behavior, in terms of accessibility and search. The consumer of business products and services are now in different arena when it comes to making decisions. Services like Maptive have been designed to make learning about a customer’s journey easy and identify trends for insights.

The world of traditional marketing (TV, radio, newspapers, magazine) has a much bigger competitor now – Digital Marketing. This is because people or prospective customers are now more active in the internet space than ever before. It is debatable that digital marketing efforts are paying off more than those of traditional marketing efforts.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has changed meaning too. The major advancements are done in modernizing and improving the channels for information flow and communication medium; Technology enhancement seems to be a by-product of these now.

Customers are everywhere on the internet; be it social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube), blogging site, discussion forums and everything else. And the digital marketing has become smarter. Its activities do not beat in the bush; every move in digital marketing is focused on the behavior of a prospective customer when he/she turns to internet platforms for acquiring any product or service. The trail study of this behavior is called as a digital customer journey.

Understand Digital Customer Journey

Digital customer means people who use different touch points on the internet to decide over buying products or services. When a product or service is searched online, the digital customer shows a common behavior.

  • Type the name of the product or service on Google
  • Look for its description
  • Check for alternative sites for more description
  • Turns to social media platforms or discussion forums for the products or services review
  • Compare prices
  • Looks for discounts and other additional benefits.
  • Keeps on searching for days, on different devices.

During all these steps, the customer remained connected with your business brand. Combining all these contacts that a digital customer has with your brand through online consumer data, transactions, browsing history, and online interactions is called digital customer journey.

How digital customer journey is the future of many businesses

Mapping the journey of a digital customer has become important for every business been listed online. This is specifically needed to analyze performance metrics and fulfilling the gap between demand and offerings. This mapping would help businesses to establish multiple channels such as a customer service app, email, social media pages or email through which they can interact with their customers. In fact, the strong multichannel customer engagement strategies have helped businesses to retain an average of 89% of their customers, according to reports by Aberdeen Group Inc.

The more potential of following the digital customer journey includes

  • Site usability monitoring shows the data about what exactly customer is interested in seeing on your business website. With this data, you can ask your IT team to focus on a more optimized solution over those webpages.
  • Performance enhancement and troubleshooting can be done in practically no time if you have statistics which shows any decline in the views per page or time spent on a page or website, response time and similar other stats.
  • Improved customer experience when you can track what aspect of a website (its content, design, additional pop-ups, etc.) is making them frustrated and leading them to switch to the next website.

The social media interactions are the most important prints in this digital customer journey.

Every business will have their contribution of sales and profit with this journey of digital customer. The only effort needed is to employ various digital tools like customer experience & performance analytics, risk management and customer support optimization. The success awaits you.

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