May 172019

Somebody Say Hallelujah! Top 9 Powerful Reasons to Go to Church Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

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The Church is the center of everything for believers like us. It is how we show our to God how much we worship him. It is not only our sacred enclave but it is God’s body as well.

According to Hebrews 10:25, you should never give up on meeting and communing together. In fact, the Scriptures instruct people to encourage one another to meet!

While we lead busy lives, we need to understand the reasons to go to church. Yes, even when we don’t feel like it.

In this list, we’ll talk about 9 powerful reasons why should we go to church. Why go to church? We do we go to church?

Take a look and enlighten yourself with why God wants you in His home.

1. God Wants You To Go To Church

Many people ask: why go to church? It is full of sinners, hypocrites, and people who don’t practice what the church preaches. Here’s a simple answer: God wants you to go to His church.

God wants His people to go to church. He wants regular assembly for them to celebrate their Christianity, as His people. Understanding what is the purpose of going to church is crucial to feeling your faith come back.

God wants you to congregate with other people. He wants you to accept one another, advice each other for your faults, and change in His name. It is an incredible privilege to be under God’s love, and going to church is how he wants you to thank Him.

2. To Feel The Love Of The Community

One of the best reasons for going to church is the community. No matter how you see a few bad apples, the community as one in the presence of God is something you want. The love of your community is something beautiful you need to receive.

There’s a reason why the Scripture calls your Church members as your “brothers and sisters.” The church is not a simple place where you visit on a Sunday out of responsibility. Feeling the love of our community is one of the best reasons why do we go to church.

3. To Feel Inspiration From The Words of God

The Word of God are words of love and inspiration. When we’re down and we don’t feel like the world is going our way, hearing the Scripture as God intended can uplift us. It’s one of the best causes why should we go to church.

God’s word is life, and we should start branding ourselves with his love. It is pure love, and even in the darkest times of our life, hearing it at church can help us in our troubles. Why go to church if you can read it at home?

Reading it for yourself is one thing. Celebrating it with everyone else, on the other hand, amplifies it further. It ingrains in our hearts and helps us feel God’s love a little bit more.

4. To Understand Life Under God’s Light

Life is full of complication. We all know that and there are many challenges to our faith in our modern lives. What is the purpose of going to church if not to also grow our understanding?

When you go to church, you create a commitment between yourself and your faith. You grow into understanding the Scripture, how God wants you to live, and much more.

Understanding life is a crucial “must” if you want to live a good, Christian life.

5. To Sharpen Other People’s Faith

Going to church with your fellow believers is not a simple matter of convening with them under God. It is how we sharpen each other’s love and commitment to God’s teaching. We become the leaves that stay with each other, with God being the sturdy roots that give us life.

Why do we go to church? It doesn’t end in us. Going to church means we show our love for our neighbors – that we inspire their love of God as well.

6. To Discover Your Further Purpose

People have their own journeys in life. Some of them, however, are yet to find the purpose that drives them. God knows what our purpose is, but he wants us to discover it for ourselves.

Why should we go to church? If we want to find our own life’s purpose, going to church can help. God, the Scripture, and our community can point us towards the right path.

Going to church can help clear the muddy waters. The church is a wise counsel when we don’t know what to do. This is hard to find outside our own family.

7. To Keep Your Church Leaders’ Flame Burning

When you go to church, your responsibility does not stop with your community. It also extends to the leaders of your church. Attendance is a way to encourage their fire, and keeping it burning is a reason why go to church.

Our church leaders are many things to many people. They can be mentors, spiritual leaders, and even our guardians. It is vital to make them feel that the community understands that what they are doing is for God’s will.

8. To Keep Yourself Accountable

What is the purpose of going to church? One of them is keeping yourself accountable for your actions. Whatever you do, it should be in the service to God and in kindness to others.

From praise to worship to listening to your church leaders interpret the Scriptures, here’s the truth: it is your responsibility to keep yourself accountable for your faith and your service.

9. To Help With Charity and Mission Activities

Together with congregating to your community, going to church means opening yourself in further service to others. This means not only being faithful, but also helping the poor, the needy, and the downtrodden.

Why do we go to church? To open ourselves to charities, to missions, and to deepen our service to those who need it more. To love others is to love God, and going to church can help us connect with such charity.

When You Need Reasons To Go To Church

If you are running out of reasons to go to church, remember this. You should motivate yourself in the name of God, your spiritual community, and to others. Going to church means connecting with God, and it is your responsibility to show this love to Him.

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May 172019

7 Surprising Benefits of Getting a Psychic Reading

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According to a recent study, the psychic industry is worth more than $2 billion.

This signals the growing popularity of the industry, despite the stigma linked to seeking psychic services. But it’s quite reasonable why most people tend to be skeptical about psychic reading, given the high number of scams reported.

Besides, who needs a psychic to help them make life decisions when you got friends and family?


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May 172019

Don’t Forget These Steps When You Move Houses

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Moving can be incredibly expensive, but it’s a cost many people run into several times over their life. In fact, the average American moves about 12 times in their life. If you’ve been renting most of your life, buying your first house comes with many steps you might not know you need to take. Don’t forget these steps when you move to a house for the first time.

Check On Your Insurance

While you might have had renter’s insurance before, you might not have a homeowner’s insurance plan in place if this is your first house. 93% of American homeowners have at least basic homeowners insurance, and it’s important to have at least a basic level of coverage for your first home. This will protect you against certain expensive problems that can come up in owning a home.


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May 162019

Should You Go Back to College? Here Is How Your Lifestyle Could Change

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In the Classroom Multi Ethnic Students Listening to a Lecturer and Writing in Notebooks. Smart Young People Study at the College.

An astonishing 60% of adults without a degree have considered going back to college and 13.3 million have actually taken the leap.

However, the high costs associated with college and the thought of taking on student loan debt causes many people to second guess whether going back to school is the right decision. Plus, when obtaining a bachelor’s degree takes 4 years as a full-time student, the time commitment can be quite intimidating.

The good news is that you can enjoy many benefits if you do decide to go back to college. Upon graduation, your life will change for the better in so many ways.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn how college can change your life.

You’ll Have More Job Opportunities

Have you ever gotten fed up with your job and decided to look for a new one? You may have been met with disappointment when every job you wanted to apply for required a degree.

However, all of these job opportunities would be available to you if you got a degree. Additionally, you’ll be able to look at jobs outside your current career.

Let’s say you work in sales. Without a degree, you’d likely have to rely on your experience to get new jobs, meaning you’d only be looking into other sales positions. But with a communications degree, you can look for a variety of jobs, including those in sales, public relations, human resources, and event planning.

You’ll Be Able to Earn a Higher Salary

They say that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure can’t hurt to earn more! You may be able to buy a bigger house, go on family vacations, and even save for your kids’ education.

Of course, when college is so expensive, you’ll want to make sure you’ll be able to earn quite a bit more than you currently do before you enroll. While your earning potential will vary based on the degree you get, the average bachelor’s degree holder earns $1,173 per week. The average weekly earnings for someone with only a high school diploma is $712.

It’s recommended that you do a bit of research before choosing what degree to pursue. Make sure your degree has a high enough earning protentional to make going back to school worthwhile.

You’ll Have Better Job Security

The thought of being laid off is enough to stress anyone out. If your company has been making some big changes, you may be worried that your job is at risk.

While layoffs can happen to those with degrees, it is less likely. Your education could make you more valuable to the company and increase the likelihood that your boss wants to keep you around.

You May Feel Happier at Work

Do you hate your job? Do you dread getting out of bed in the morning and wish you could just quit today?

When you go back to college, you’ll be more likely to enjoy your job. You can pursue a career you actually like and can feel fulfilled and challenged at work.

If it’s your boss, company culture, or coworkers that make you miserable, a degree can still help! Remember, a degree opens you up to more job opportunities, so you’ll be more likely to find a new job with people you like.

You’ll Have a Well-Rounded Education

Are you unsure what your ideal job is? You may uncover it when you go to college.

Since you have to take general education classes, your first year or two will be filled with opportunities to learn more and explore different subject matters. You may take an oceanography class as your science gen-ed and end up loving it and pursuing it as a career.

Even if you already know what career path you want to take, you’ll get a well-rounded education at college. You’ll expand your knowledge of math, English, science and much more. You never know what may help you in your new job, and these classes can teach you how to succeed even when a task is unfamiliar or difficult for you.

You’ll Get a Self-Confidence Boost

Enrolling in college is a huge step, and graduating from college is an even bigger step. Once you start passing those courses, you’ll likely start to notice a boost in your self-confidence.

You’ll realize that you do have what it takes to succeed in school. And once you have that degree in your hand, you’ll feel even better knowing that you’ve accomplished something amazing.

You’ll Feel More Confident at Work

That confidence boost can also help you feel better at work.

Many people feel as though they’re still in a “fake it until you make it” stage in their job. This can lead them to doubt their decisions and feel worried that they’re not performing well.

Getting a degree can help you feel more confident in your knowledge and ability to perform your job. You’ll also likely have the courage to apply for higher positions within the company to move up the ladder and excel in your career.

You’ll Be Better at Organizing Your Schedule

One little known benefit of attending college as an adult is how your organization abilities will likely improve. When you have to balance work, school, and family responsibilities, you’ll become a master at organizing your schedule. Upon graduation, you’ll find that balancing work with family responsibilities will be a breeze.

While online schooling, like Ultimate Medical Academy, can be easier to work into your schedule, it still requires a big time commitment. So, whether you go to school in-person or take classes online, you’ll be sure to learn how to organize your schedule in no time.

This can also translate into a great skill to have at work. You’ll learn how to prioritize your tasks based on deadlines and schedule your days to ensure that everything is done on time.

You’ll Be Better at Budgeting

It’s no secret that college is expensive. Not only do you have to worry about tuition, but there’s also the cost of books, other school supplies, and gas to consider.

This means that you’ll likely have to work on your budget to figure out just how you’ll be able to afford this while still paying your other monthly bills. If you can successfully do this, you’ll have no problem budgeting after you graduate!

You’ll Meet Various Types of People

Do you feel like everyone you work with is very similar to you? While this can be great for making friends, you may have trouble adjusting to a new job that has a variety of personalities.

However, you’ll meet tons of different types of people when you go to college. You’ll meet people from different parts of the country and who have different cultural backgrounds than you.

Not only can it be interesting to meet new people, but it’s also a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding of others.

Since you’ll likely have to do group activities in school, you’ll learn how to work with various types of people. This is a great skill to have for your career as it’ll help you work better with your coworkers and avoid potential arguments that may occur from miscommunication.

You’ll Learn How to Work Alone and With Others

To succeed in many careers, it’s vital that you can be productive and efficient when working alone. However, there will also likely be times when you need to work with others on big projects.

The same is true with school. You need to learn how to study and complete homework assignments without relying on anyone else to help you. But you’ll also need to learn how to work with others to complete group assignments.

This means that going to school is the perfect way to prepare for your career. You can practice working alone as well as identify your strengths that could come in handy for group projects.

You’ll Be a Good Example

Getting a degree doesn’t just change your life. It can also convince those around you to do the same.

When you make the decision to go back to school, you immediately become a good example for your kids. Other family members may also be more likely to go back to school after seeing you succeed.

It also shows those around you that going back to school while working or raising kids can, in fact, be done.

Why You Should Go Back to College

Don’t remain unhappy at work any longer! Just use the above guide to help you decide if you should go back to college. From having better job stability and more job opportunities to learning how to budget and organize your schedule, there are many benefits you can enjoy when you go back to school.

Do you need help picking your perfect career? If you’re good at finances, check out these financial careers that are currently on the rise.

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May 162019

Getting That Bread: What Is a Pay Stub and What’s On It?

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Do you know where your money is going? If your employer isn’t providing you a pay stub, then you might be missing out on vital information.

There isn’t a federal law requiring a stub be issued, but most states have laws that require it.

If you aren’t getting one and need to know what a pay stub is, you’ve come to the right place.

So what is a pay stub? Keep reading to learn what a pay stub is and what it tells you about your paycheck.

What is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub is a way for your employer to let you know how much money is on your paycheck and anything that gets taken out of your pay. It provides a line by line account for any taxes and withholdings that change the amount of money you take home at the end of the day.

You should receive one every time you get paid. Your paycheck typically happens on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Your stub should be attached to a paper check. If you have your paychecks deposited electronically, your employer can provide a pay slip detailing everything.

Your employer will use a pay stub generator to print this information.

What Information Does Your Pay Stub Include?

There is a lot of information on your pay stub, but it isn’t rocket science. Here’s the information that you will find in your payslip.

Gross and Net Pay

The most important numbers you will find are your gross and net pay.

Your gross pay is the total amount of money you made during a pay period before taking out anything. Your net pay is what you see in your bank account after everything is taken out.

Tax Withholdings

You have to pay taxes. When you are employed at a company, this happens before you get paid. There isn’t a need for you to do it yourself.

The standard taxes you will see withheld are federal, state, and local taxes.

Insurance Deductions

If you work full time, then there is a good chance your company offers insurance. If you take advantage of this, you will see this number in your deduction totals.

Investment Withholding

Many companies offer investment withholding. These can be pensions, IRAs, and 401ks. Any money withheld and sent to investment accounts appear in this section.

Wage Garnishes

If you owe any debt, have child support, or owe back taxes, then you can have your wages garnished. This happens when you have payment problems. The government will take your money before you can spend it if they think you won’t pay.

Back Pay

Sometimes an employer will owe you money. This discrepancy can happen if there are changes in your pay rate or you move from hourly to salary.

Don’t Let Your Questions Go Unanswered

Now that you’ve answered the question: what is a pay stub, you should have all the information you need to make sense of it. If you are still unsure about something, then let your employer know. They can tell you anything you need.

Are you looking for more ways to keep track of your finances? Click here to learn about seven apps that can help you manage your money.

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May 152019

Should I Live in or Rent my new Investment Property?

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If you are planning to move in the near future, there is always a primary decision to make whether you will be opting to rent out a place or buy a new property that you will live in indefinitely. Best case scenario, you already own an investment property but you are still unsure if it would be a good idea to live in it or rather rent it out.


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