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Selling at a local fair or farmers’ market? Get more sales with these simple ideas

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Are you a small business looking to improve your sales record? Of course you are! When you’re a fledgling business, it’s not always easy to stand apart from your competitors, or even those larger, more established stalls. Whether you’re selling fresh produce, arts and crafts or other handmade items, bringing your A-game every time you set up your pitch can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re not bringing in the sales you desperately want.  (more…)

Feb 32021

Top Tips On Getting By After Christmas

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The festive period is over and with it comes the stresses of getting your finances back on track in the new year. But with lots of different tips and tricks out there, some that work and some that don’t, it can be a challenge to find one that actually works for you. To help you on your way, we have given you a shortlist of the best tips and tricks we believe will help you the most.  (more…)

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5 Different Types Of Insurances You Can Take Out

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With the number of options and types available, insurance can be a little tricky. However, choosing the right insurance is critical as it makes a difference to your financial plan and security. (more…)

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Will You Save Money if You Refill Fuel in the Morning?

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Man pumping gas

The kind of car that you drive can say a lot about you as the owner. For one thing, the model of car that you drive reveals how much money you pay for annual maintenance and fuel costs. A low-value home that needs intensive rehabilitation is called a “money pit” but the same idea can also be applied to automobiles. A car can be called an “auto pit.” The more you drive it, the more you must pay to maintain it, have it checked for repairs, and gas it up. And paying for gasoline will always be an ever-increasing expense the more that you drive your car. So, is there is a trick or a life hack that can help you save money on gasoline? If you refill fuel in the morning, will you save money on gasoline costs?

The short answer is no; you are not going to save money on gas costs if you refill fuel in the morning.

And the longer answer requires a little analysis. The idea that if you refill fuel in the morning you will save money is an urban legend that is easily debunked if you refer to some basic science.

And the average cost of gasoline ranges between $2.42 to $3.41 per gallon, depending on where you live. So, who wouldn’t want to believe in such a legend?

After explaining why you won’t save money if you refill fuel in the morning, I will also explain the typical maintenance costs of car ownership. And I will also explain what you can do to save money on fuel.

Refill Fuel in the Morning (The Savings Hack Legend)

To better understand why you won’t save money if you refill fuel in the morning, we must first consider a little basic science.

All liquids, even gasoline, expand when they are heated and then condense when cooled, like in the cold morning weather.

The idea here is that if you refill fuel in the morning when it is cooler, your car will get more motor energy per gallon. After all, the gasoline in your gas tank may expand in the heat of the afternoon.

The problem with this idea is that when you refill fuel in the morning, you are refueling directly from the underground tanks of a gas pump.

The underground gas tanks at your local gas station keep the gasoline at the same temperature all the time. Unless you live in a sub-Arctic region, your fuel isn’t going to become cooler, and more energy-dense, just because you pump it early in the morning.

And for the sake of argument, let’s assume this idea is true; it will do you little good if you live in the southern United States or anywhere where it’s warm and humid most of the year.

So, the answer is no, you won’t save money if you refill fuel in the morning.

Why would any driver be keen to believe such a theory? It’s because of the cost of auto maintenance.

The High Cost of Owning a Car

Average, everyday drivers may want to try to refill fuel in the morning to save money because the maintenance cost of car ownership is so high.

If you drive your car 15,000 miles annually, then you will spend about $8,500 annually for maintenance costs. That is the equivalent of about $700 a month in maintenance costs just to drive a car.

The average driver might spend $2,000 annually on gasoline. However, this is just a basic estimate.

The amount you might pay in annual or monthly car maintenance depends on the model of your vehicle, the terrain you drive in, and how often you drive.

For example, if you drive an average size Toyota, you may pay only $5,500 annually on maintenance costs.

If you drive a Chrysler or a Dodge, you will pay almost $11,000 on annual maintenance costs.

Do you drive a Cadillac? You are probably paying over $12,500 annually in maintenance costs.

Fancy a BMW? Then you will pay almost $18,000 annually in maintenance costs.

So, now that we have analyzed the problem, how can you save money on gasoline? Because as we can accept now, the “refill fuel in the money” idea just won’t cut it.

How to Save Money on Gas

Here are some ideas on how you can save more money on gasoline.

Inflate Your Tires

Make certain that your vehicle’s tires are properly inflated. You will lose fuel efficiency, or make your car burn more fuel than needed, even if your tires are slightly deflated.

Get a tire gauge and check your tires’ pressure often for optimal driving inflation. You can also check your tires’ pressure at almost every gas station.

Always Think About Fuel Efficiency

Don’t make your car work harder, and burn more fuel, than it needs to when you’re driving.

Close your car windows when you are driving on the higher. When you drive at high speed with the windows down, you are creating wind drag on the car. You’ll burn more fuel than needed.

Don’t treat your trunk like a storage unit for things that don’t belong in it. The heavier your trunk is, the more gas your car will burn as you drive.

Reassess all of your driving routes with updated maps. There may be quicker routes to your usual destinations you may not know about.

Just cutting a few miles off your usual routes could save you a lot of money in the long-term.

H2 Carpool

Every time you turn on a car, you are burning as much money as fuel. You must put money into a car often if you want to own one.

If you have friends or neighbors you work with, or in workplaces of relative proximity, consider carpooling.

Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Unless you have a large family or own a business where you must haul heavy loads often, you should look into buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle.

Refill Fuel in the Morning vs. Smarter Driving Habits

Strategically refueling your car during certain times of the day is not going to help you save money.

Reassess your driving habits and always keep your car well-maintained. You will always save money that way instead of believing in superstitious habits.

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Easy Loan Approval: Pros and Cons of Payday Loans that You Need to Know

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Is the money in your pocket not enough to pay for an essential purchase or an emergency expense? Is it impossible to wait for your next paycheck – which is due in the next five days – for this important and immediate purchase? Have you already used up the credit limit of your credit card?

Indeed, this is a tough situation to be in, but you have plenty of options to borrow the sum of cash you need. Right now, you can find online payday loans for your financial situation. It’s a small loan that’s perfect for people who need money for the short term.

Borrowers prefer payday loans because it has a straightforward application process, and the funds can be obtained immediately. But, like any other loans, you’re better off if you understand how this works before you apply for it. It’s also crucial to know the pros and cons of this loan option. For a little help, read on below.

What is a Payday Loan and How Does it Work?

Payday loans have enjoyed an equal amount of popularity and notoriety in recent years. For those who have just got a whiff of this loan option, the most common question is, “What is it, and how does it work?”

As mentioned earlier, payday loans are intended for borrowers who need a small sum of cash for the short term. Typically, this loan offers a loan amount of under $1,000, with a repayment period of two to four weeks. You can also discuss with the lender to lengthen the loan term for up to three months.

Payday loans got its name because lenders require borrowers to put their paycheck as security against the money they’ll borrow. Commonly, a borrower needs to provide a postdated check to the payday loan provider, and the latter can cash it out on the borrower’s next payday.

Pros of Payday Loans

There are advantages that you can enjoy if you choose a 24/7 payday loan. Read this list to learn more.

No Hard Inquiry on Your Credit History

For borrowers with not-so-good credit histories, an online payday loan is among the best bad credit loans that you can obtain. Providers of this type of loan don’t conduct a hard inquiry on your credit profile. For more tips on borrowing with bad credit at Crediteck, visit their site so you could learn more.

You can get loan approval so long as you’re employed and have a regular source of income. Just make sure that you bring requirements, such as recent payslips or bank statements, when you apply for this loan.

Simple and Easy Application Process

The best feature of a 24/7 payday loan is its fast and trouble-free application procedure. If you apply for it, there’s no need for you to go to a lender’s office and meet up with a bank manager. What you need is a stable internet connection for you to send your application and credentials on the lender’s website.

It’s not only convenient for you, but also for the lender to evaluate your qualifications and make a decision to okay your loan or not. Plus, as its name suggests, this loan option is available 24/7.

Fast Access to Funds

Since this loan doesn’t give you any trouble with its application process, it’s to be expected that you can receive the funds you need after the approval. Your lender will transfer the money to your bank account on the day of the loan approval or the day after it.

Payday loans are popular because of this quick access to funds. For borrowers who have unexpected or emergency expenses, this loan really suits their needs.

Cons of Payday Loans

Probably, you’re filled with excitement now to secure a payday loan after knowing its benefits. Don’t be too rash, though, because there are also drawbacks with this loan type.

Short Loan Term

Some may consider a short loan term advantageous, but for other people, it’s a huge drawback. Budgeting your repayment within this short time span can be challenging on your part, especially if your salary hardly covers the loan repayment and your daily expenses at the same time.

The worst thing about a short loan term is missing a payment. Once you fail to pay what you owe on schedule, you can go for a rollover option or extension. Of course, there are penalties if you choose to roll over the loan. It’s one of the reasons why borrowers get saddled with bad debt.

High Fees and Interest Rates

Most lenders charge 200% to 400% annual percentage rates for payday loans. It’s a significant disadvantage to borrowers with low income because they may struggle to pay for their debts. If you can find a better deal other than a payday loan, you should go for that one to avoid the exorbitant interest rates and fees.

Bogus Lenders

You should be extra careful against bogus lenders and scammers that rip off borrowers of their hard-earned money. Despite government regulations on payday loans, there are still loan providers that don’t follow good lending practices. If you think that the lender doesn’t have a credit license or good reviews, it’s better to look for another lender.

Does This Loan Affect Your Credit Score?

Payday loans don’t raise your credit score even if you pay it off on schedule. The best explanation for this is that it’s only a short-term loan, and the loan amount is not that significant to boost your credit score. Moreover, payday loan providers don’t send reports to major credit bureaus concerning your payments.

However, your credit history will be in bad standing if you submit a bounced check as your loan payment. So, make sure that you avoid this unfortunate circumstance from happening.


If you need to secure a money loan for a short period of time, you can opt for a payday loan. This loan is also a good option if you have a bad credit score since payday loan lenders only conduct soft credit checks. However, you must be aware of the drawbacks of 24/7 e-transfer payday loans.


Jan 282021

Different Ways To Stop Smoking and Save Money

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We all have our habits. Some habits are good and some we need to kick immediately. One habit we all know a lot about is smoking. Advertisements are posted everywhere about cigarettes. Some draw you in and others warn about life after smoking.  If you smoke, you know it could be consuming and dangerous to your health. Many of you may want to quit but may find it difficult to find the best and most cost-effective solution. If you’re worried about your options, we have the perfect ways to stop smoking and save money. 

Why Quitting Cold Turkey Isn’t Best

Most people may say to you, just quit cold turkey! If you want to stop, you can! But is it the best solution to your problem? No. While cold turkey costs you nothing in terms of monetary value, it could be quite dangerous. Smoking can cause physical and psychological dependence. A user will likely experience some withdrawal symptoms if they stop without assistance. Withdrawal symptoms may include irritability, insomnia, and depression that can last several months. These symptoms often prove unbearable to smokers, and thus their chances at success to stop smoking decline as a result.

Nicotine Pouches

A healthy alternative to quitting cold turkey is by weaning yourself off of cigarettes. The best way to do this is through the use of nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches are vastly different from the patch. It is not something that is applied topically. A nicotine pouch is a pre-packaged nicotine substitute that is applied orally. The pouch is placed between the gums and lips. Once inside your mouth, the flavor from the substitute is released into your mouth. The pouch leaves little mess and can be easily discarded once all the flavor has dissolved. 

The benefit of using a nicotine pouch is that it does not contain tobacco. It also does not require combustion to work and releases nicotine-like substances into the body in a safe way. The pouches also come in several flavors. Alongside a host of sweeteners, nicotine salt, and stabilizers are some unique flavor offerings that enhance the desirability of the product. Some flavors you can try out include citrus, berry, mint, eucalyptus, bergamot, and various other flavor combinations. 

Nicotine Patch

Another popular cost-saving method to stop smoking is the nicotine patch. These pouches are applied topically to the skin. The patch can be applied to the upper chest, arm, or hip. Be sure to check the package to ensure the correct placement. There are three different doses. Once applied, nicotine is directly introduced through the skin as a controlled dosage throughout the day. The common dosages for nicotine patches are 7mg, 14mg, and 21mg. 

Over time, your dosage intake will decrease, and you will be able to safely wean yourself off nicotine. This is a safer alternative to quitting cold turkey, as you will have a buffer against extreme withdrawal symptoms. The cost for a package of nicotine patches is as little as $16 a box. You can also choose to stop incrementally on your own, not cold turkey, but gradually reducing your cigarette intake over time. 

Life After Cigarettes 

After you have overcome your nicotine addiction, is where the next battle begins. That battle is to avoid using it again. There are some free ways you can use to aid in this step. For one, stay away from triggers. The best indicator that you will use again, is being around people and situations that cause you to want the feeling provided by the substance. If you mostly consume at parties or the bar, do not go to those locations. If you were more likely to smoke socially with your friends, tell them that you are recovering and would like it if they did not smoke around you or ask you to partake in smoking with them. 

Once you have mastered your triggers, you need to manage your cravings. You can do this by replacing the cravings with something else like exercise. Exercising in a short burst when you have a craving can lessen the thoughts. You can exercise by going for a walk, biking, running stairs, and so much more. You can also replace the craving through chewing. You may chew on gum or a piece of fruit when smoking a cigarette pops into your mind. You can chew on other food as well, something crunchy and satisfying is best. 

A Support System

Anytime you are trying to kick a habit, a support system is recommended. A support system is a group of people who rally around you in support of you through difficult times. Most important in this group is family. Your family is likely to be around you daily. Hearing encouraging words and support from them is paramount to your success. Friends are an integral part of this system too. If you have friends that smoke, tell them you support them, but ask them to not smoke around you or invite you to smoke with them. 

Other members of your support system include counselors and support groups. These members of your support network are people you can contact about your thoughts, feelings, cravings, and other associated feelings dealing with your dependence on nicotine and recovery from it. They are likely people who have or are going through the same things as you. They can give you a new perspective or even tips on how they came through difficult times under a similar set of circumstances. 

Smoking can be an addictive activity. We all know the dangers, and some of you may want to quit. Quitting can seem a dubious task that comes with a price tag you can not fathom. Instead of taking the costly route, you can choose to intermittently wean yourself off, use a nicotine pouch, or a nicotine patch. You can also rally around your support group and replace cravings with a healthier alternative.

Shatel Huntley has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Georgia State University. When she’s not busy writing for grocerycouponguide.com, she works with special needs adults and travels the world. Her interests include traveling to off the beaten path destinations, shopping, couponing, and saving.

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