Every single human being needs good dental care; in an ideal world it would be a human right upheld across the planet. But it isn’t; millions of people go years without seeing a dentist, and that can mean their mouths rot inside and they can be in a lot of pain. The key reason many people don’t go to see a dentist regularly, it is recommended for a healthy person to be checked up on every six months or so, so if people do go a long time without at least an expert opinion, it can have lasting or even permanent damage.

The trouble for many people is that dental care is very expensive; a regular checkup can cost an adult around £30 in the United Kingdom, or more for a procedure such as a filling or an operation. The UK, and other countries such as Canada, will provide dental care at no cost to children as part of their free health care, but the fact that poor teeth is linked to poverty is not a shock. In the United States, it is more directly linked to unemployment because the way health insurance works; it is paid for as part of your work. But the key question is, are you doomed to poor or none existent dental care without insurance?


Well, the answer is no, not necessarily. There are medical loans designed to help people in times of need. The minimum requirement for a happy life, before a job, a big house, a car or even having a family is good health. Many people don’t view teeth as important as other parts of the body such as the brain or heart, but the truth is they can have a huge impact on life. Without good teeth, people find it tough to eat, and the pain they suffer can make life a real struggle. There are a number of different loans that can be a acquired in circumstances that fit across the spectrum. Richer people who will be able to pay back quicker can look at getting a private loan from a healthcare company, for quicker and the best quality care there is. But the interest rate on these loans will be much greater than on loans from the government or banks. These are much more common for people with low paid jobs or who rely on different benefit schemes. The aim is to make them payable in easy chunks to reduce the chances of stress. The first step should be to take some dental financing advice online, then the choice of your next step will become much easier.

There are many cases of dental loans helping those in need. They show that there is a way around the hefty dental bills and being crippled by debt and stress is far from the only way. For example, Margaret, 41, says she used a dental medical loan to help her son get braces: “My son’s teeth were not growing straight and it was causing him a lot of pain long past his teething years, but I couldn’t afford them on my supermarket salary so had to find a loan. We took financial advice and went for a bank loan with good interest rates and a good repayment structure. It was a load of my mind and allowed me to help my son ease into a happier and healthier life.

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