Family travel is exciting. However, the thought of it may make you worried about the responsibilities and especially the cost. For many families, these thoughts make buying plane tickets to look like a broad day robbery.


While family travel may require more attention compared to solo journeys, the issues that come with family journeys are sometimes exaggerated. The good news is, you don’t have to fret. With our guide on finding the best deals for families flying on a budget, you will enjoy your family travel without breaking the bank.

However, before we talk about flight deals for budget-conscious families like yours, let’s first look at where the money will come from.

How to pay for your next family flight

The cost of flights is a big worry for every budget-conscious family. However, there are many financing options available for any family traveling on a budget. Families with fat paychecks could easily rely on that to cover their flights. Some families also rely on their savings to finance their family travel. With these options, your next family flight won’t be a problem.

We all know life can sometimes go wrong. If you’re a family that cannot rely on your paycheck or savings for the cost of your flights, there are other amazing options out there. Want a quick way to access cash? Why not use that tax refund you’re expecting for your family’s flight?

Families that are expecting a tax refund can surely rely on it to finance their flights. Maybe there are bills to pay and credit card debt is raising its head. You may also have some debt left from your previous holidays. Faced with this dilemma, most of us sometimes turn to our tax refunds to settle these old debts. Amazingly, there is always a backup plan if you don’t want to disappoint the family.

In this case, what is your plan-B if you decide to use your tax refund for other things or when your refund delays? This might leave you thinking: how do I pay for my family’s flight when I don’t have a tax refund?

As a family, you have a whole lot of short-term loan options that can help you pay for your next family flight. Payday loans are great short-term options to consider. A payday loan is where you use your next paycheck as collateral for a short-term loan. The approval process is quick and you don’t need to have good credit to qualify for one.

Another great option is to apply for a title loan. Title loans allow you to use the title documents of your automobile as collateral for a short-term loan. Other options include getting an advance from your credit card company or using your expected tax refund for a loan.

Now that we’ve found you excellent ways to pay for your family’s next flight, let’s talk about how you can spend less of that money for the journey. Here are the best deals for families flying on a budget.

Use flight websites and win amazing family deals

Flight websites are great places to find flight deals for families on a budget. For instance, you could win family deals when flying from New York to Hawaii by visiting these websites. Apart from flight coupons, you can also get promotional offers for kids to help you save big. It’s fun to travel with the family and it’s more fun when you’re able to cut cost.

Book the entire family’s flight in advance

Booking in advance means getting your family’s flight ticket a month ahead of time. During peak times such as Summer holidays or Christmas, the price of flights increases. As a family on a budget, you’ll want to get your tickets in advance in order to dodge these price hikes. Apart from reduced prices, advance flight booking helps your entire family to focus on planning for other fun activities.

Use transit flights to save big and explore

Transit flights are ideal for families on a budget because it helps you save big. For instance,  it could be cheaper to fly from the USA through London to Germany than flying directly from the US to Germany.

The advantages of using transit flights go beyond just reducing your travel costs. As families, exploring your route whilst traveling is probably one of the things you wouldn’t want to miss. With transit flights, you get to see other places even before you get to your destination, which makes your family’s journey more exciting.

What next on finding great deals for families flying on a budget?

Flying on a budget as a family means that every penny saved is worth it. Cost should be your smallest worry now when you’re flying with the family. With transit flights, coupons, and other promotional offers, you will have a fun time with the family without breaking the bank.

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