How Do You Attract Money and Abundance

I am still working on becoming financially independent, a phrase you may better understand as being, “rich.” One thing that I have learned is that time is a lot more valuable than money. You can spend a lifetime wishing to become rich instead of doing it. Worse, you can spend a lifetime mismanaging your time in a well-meaning but misguided attempt to become rich. There are many ways to attract money and abundance, but you must start with adjusting your mindset.

Everyone wants to become rich. It’s hard to appreciate what must be done to become rich.

The easiest way to start on a road toward financial independence is to develop a realistic action plan.

Make a list a list of steps detailing how you will achieve these goals.

Make a list of your fears. Be honest about the fact that you may be self-enabling these fears to wittingly or unwittingly self-sabotage yourself.

Improve your mindset about wealth.

How much money do you think you need to be rich? Most Americans think the baseline is $2.3 million. However, the average American only makes $48,700 annually. That wealth gap can’t be closed without a radical mindset makeover. There is no such thing as easy money.

Do you want to become rich? Well, you need to realistic about what will help or stop you from achieving your goal.

Addressing your goals, fears, and even meditating can help you on the road to becoming rich.

Don’t think so?

Well, there’s no such thing as easy money. (And how long have you been trying to do things the easy way in life unsuccessfully?)

There is nothing easy about wealth accumulation. The easiest thing you can do in this quest is adjusting your mindset.

Attract Money and Abundance with an Improved Mindset

To become wealthy, you must become positive, confident, and research market conditions.

First things first – abolish all debt.

You must banish debt from your life. The word, “debt,” must become the most obscene four-letter word in your vocabulary.

And, you must be honest about how long it will take to achieve your goals.

But we are getting way ahead of ourselves.

What does it mean to become rich? It means having extremely low to zero debt, multiple streams of income, keeping your money in the family, and protecting your income for the future.

I don’t mean to come off like a New Age guru, but the mindset is important.

When you get in a car, you don’t focus on crashing, do you? When you get in a car, do you obsess over how you can’t drive?

You have to know what you are doing to drive a car. The same mindset applies to becoming rich.

If you want to be rich, you must focus on what you must do, and sacrifice, to become rich.

Over 20% of businesses fail within the first 2 years of operations. About 50% fail 5 years later. Over 80% of small businesses fail after a decade. Many new businesses have no business plan and can’t overcome the debt they incurred to get into business.

Now, I’ll start simply with advice you can use to transform your mindset and start on the path to wealth accumulation.

The best way to attract money and abundance is to upgrade how you think. And, be honest about your shortcomings so as to overcome them.

Face Stark Reality

If you make $48,700 annually, then you must increase that amount by almost 50 times to reach $2.3 million.

Do you think paying for a weekend seminar to see a motivational speaker you saw on an infomercial will solve this problem?

Perhaps spending the last of your finances on a get-rich-quick scheme will fix things?

Remember – debt is an obscene four-letter word. The average American is saddled with debts over $90,500. You will never become wealthy if you can’t overcome debt.

What is your debt-to-income ratio? If you are dedicating more than 30% to 40% of your income exclusively to paying debts, then you may never get out of debt.

Save more than you earn. Streamline your expenses. Focus on lifestyle needs, not wants.

Want to attract money and abundance? Be real. You will never be rich if you can’t get out of debt.

Overcome the Fear of Success

A mind is a terrible thing to underestimate. Sometimes, our greatest fears are stronger than our greatest desires.

And, as contrarian and backward as it sounds, we sometimes fear attaining the very thing we desire.

Human beings love the status quo they are used to. Want proof? Stick your head out of the window in America 2020.

So much has changed when societies can barely handle one change at a time. Are you afraid of how your life would change if you become rich? Why?

Money changes everything. What about money scares you?

The appreciation of material items isn’t wealth. Wealth is the banishment of debt and the protection of financial assets.

Would that make you happy?

How would your social and familial circles change if you become rich? False friends will rain from the sky the second you become rich. You must focus on a renewed mindset to become financially independent, not impressing others with material gain.

How would your work ethic change if you become wealthy? How would you have to change to attract money and abundance?

Make a list or diary of your fears concerning money. Addressing these fears, writing them down, and acknowledging them could help you to banish them.


I have written about wealth accumulation before.

I read the advice of one millionaire who suggested that you should work 24/7 and 18-hour workdays to achieve your business dream.

And, it isn’t just about working 18-hour workday quotas. You must manage your time well and make the right moves relative to your business during those work hours.

You will have to sacrifice a lot in your quest to attract money and abundance. It will be stressful.


I am serious. After all, if there is one thing you will accumulate after an 18-hour workday, it’s stress.

To begin meditating, sit still in a chair, lay down on a bed, or sit crossed-legged on the floor. Imagine your heart is a ball of blazing energy. Imagine that heart of energy slowly flowing into your circulatory system and making its way to your hands, feet, and head. Do it slowly. Breath calmly, don’t speak and focus. Try to do this for 10 to 20 minutes.

There are many YouTube videos that can help you to learn how to meditate. So, the method of meditation is up to you.

The point is that if you don’t cleanse your mind of extraneous B.S. and decrease stress, you will never attract money and abundance.

Research your Way to Wealth

Face your financial reality, address your fears, make lists of goals, and meditate.

There is nothing easy about becoming financially independent (use that term instead of, “rich.”) Start on these small steps to attract money and abundance.

Also, read books and interviews about wealthy people. Learn firsthand from research what it takes to become rich.
I highly recommend The Millionaire Next Door.

This book is a study of hundreds of rich people to determine what it takes to become wealthy. It has great advice that will could you realistically attain wealth in your lifetime.

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