The amount you invest in forex trading directly influences the size of your gain from the venture.

However, the challenge comes when you are unsure of what to start trading with, the minimum legal amount to invest, and the best investment amount to ensure a substantial win from forex trading. If these are your fears, then worry no more.

This article simplifies your trading. It digs into the amount to start trading with as per industry standards. It then recommends the best amount for you to trade with, besides the forex industry standards.

Finally, the article highlights other factors that affect your forex trading success concerning investment amount. Let’s get started.

Amount to Invest

Several factors influence the amount to invest. Specific determinants of your trading amount are your experience, mode of trading, and the industry standards.

There is no legal minimum currency amount to open a trading account. The platform you choose sets its prices.

For example, if you trade on the mt4 platform via, you can open an account and start trading with $50.

Also, the amount varies with your broker. Some brokers can let you start trading with as low as $5 or even $1! However, here’s the catch:

How to Invest in Forex Trading

Don’t think starting to trade on $1 or less is making a kill until you understand what lies under the hood.

Most brokers will lure into investing a minimum amount with a target. They present lucrative account types, bonuses, and superb client services.

Once you deposit their target lump sum, then the deal starts going worse. Not only do the brokers stop solving your pain points, but they also will stop you from withdrawing the amount from your account.

Here’s the trick to deal with such scams:

Start trading on a demo account. Most brokers let you open a demo account for $0. This is the best time to examine the broker’s services. Besides, a demo account lets learn how forex trading operates.

After operating a demo or nano account for some time, you can take either of these paths. First, you can proceed and deposit the average industry trading deposit of $100. You should invest more if you want to gain more from forex.

Secondly, you can deposit the broker’s minimum deposit then try to withdraw the amount after a few days or weeks. If they permit your request, proceed and invest an amount that can reasonably (according to your wish) earn you a reasonable profit.

Other Factors that Determine Your Trading Amount and Forex Success

Level of Trading

Now that you know the minimum amount you should invest in forex trading and why to focus on the amount you should use to buy the currency pairs.

Since forex trading is a high-risk venture, strive to invest 1% of your portfolio balance. For example, if your mt4 platform says you have a balance of $100 000, invest $1000. Feel free to invest more than 1% on a currency pair, especially if you are not a beginner forex trader.

Related to the level of trading is your knowledge of forex trading basics. For example, you should grasp concepts such as base and quote currencies and how they relate to each other, pips, and slots.

The Platform

The type of broker and platform determines how much technical analysis you can undertake. For example, the mt4 platform eases your analysis by letting you hire collaborative robots.

The software analyzes the market on your behalf, enabling you to invest the right amount and at the right time.


Knowing how, when, and the amount to invest in forex trading is the key to unlock a success door while trading in forex.

Reading this article should equip you with such skills, enabling you to settle in the forex industry faster and propel you towards making a profit.

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