Mykonos is one of the most popular amongst the Greek islands and one of the expensive ones too! Everyone wants to explore the Greek islands at some point in his or her lives, and Mykonos is definitely on his or her list. After all, it boasts of the most amazing sunsets and the beautiful beaches. It attracts families, honeymooning couples, and cruises. After all, it is not easy to resist those small alleys and winding streets, beautiful harbor and beaches and the crazy nightlife. However, it can be expensive to visit the Greek island. It can be heavenly to spend some time here even for a week in a beautiful villa in Mykonos with a pool!  Still, do not let those high costs discourage you from exploring one of the most popular islands in Greece. Read on to keno how you can stretch that dollar and have the ultimate fun while sticking to a budget.

The typical costs of holidaying in Mykonos

While it can be expansive to live in beach resorts and luxurious villas, you can look for budget hotels and hostels for as low as 15 EUR per night. These accommodations provide all the essential amenities such as air-conditioning, WiFi, and private bathrooms. You can certainly shop for groceries and cook your own meals to lower the costs. If you want to avoid spending your money on food, avoid eating in the central town and stick to those cheaper sandwiches, pizza, or gyros. A week of groceries can cost you about fifty euros. The quickest way to explore Mykonos is on a moped or scooter, but you would need a license. You can travel by bus to lower costs. An average daily cost is about fifty to sixty euros for your stay, meals, and transportation.

How to save money
You can travel during the off-season when the prices are lower, and the beaches are less crowded. It is a good idea to avoid the main town where the accommodation prices are higher. Eat street food and local delicacies. Book ferries early and save half off the regular price. Collect travel points for free airfare and redeem those points. Look for cheaper accommodations and master the art of saving on vacation. There are plenty of restaurants with fantastic views and food that would necessarily break the bank. Taking a ferry to the Greek Islands that is a cheaper mode of transportation.

Look for cheaper accommodation

While the island is brimming with stylish boutique hotels, particularly dotted along the coastline, there are budget-friendly alternatives. Many locals offer their private homes for rent for as little as £25 per night for a whole house.  Offseason camping on the beach will cost you a mere five euros a night, or you can check into one of the island’s hostels. Keep away from the stylish boutique hotels and look for budget-friendly alternatives such as private homes and villas offered for rent by the locals.

Enjoy great food at a lower costs
You need to buy food, and it sure is expensive to eat at a fancy restaurant in Mykonos. There are local shops where you can quickly get a meal for two for around five euros, and a good option is the Jimmy’s. Drinking alcohol at bars can cost you a lot of money. There are bars such as Mex Cocktail Bar that is most reasonably priced. Always do some resealed and compare prices when shopping for groceries as smaller mini-marts can be very expensive. It is a good idea to shop in the larger supermarkets.

What all you can see and enjoy on a limited budget

The official language here is Greek, but English is widely spoken. Euro is the currency, and most hotels and restaurants accept credit and debit cards. Remember to bring plenty of cash for public transportation and small purchases. Winters are mild while summers are dry. Seven days in Mykonos are not enough to explore it fully or enjoy the unexplored. Make the most of your week-long vacation in Mykonos. A typical budget person including transportation, car rental, and daily expenses would be about a thousand US dollars. A lot relies on where you stay and what all you want to see and do. Traveling in groups is fun, and it is a good idea to carry water and snacks. Getting around Mykonos is easy because of its seamless transport system. You can explore the city on foot or opt for bike or car rentals. There is a lot one can do and see here on a budget.

  • Explore the stunning beaches and one good option to go is in autumn when you would not need those loungers and parasols. The sun and the waters would be deliciously warm. Allyl you need to do is pack some picnic stuff and take along your beach towels.
  • Exploring the churches and windmills in Mykonos as you wander the streets of the old town. The windmills in Chora and the Church of Paraportianican are a must visit. Besides, there are many more Greek churches on the island.
  • Hike to the Lighthouse to enjoy the experience. Carry some snacks and water with your and avoid the expensive café stops on the way. Rach the stunning Armenistis Lighthouse after a six-kilometer hike from Mykonos town.  You will love those panoramic views across the strait that splits Mykonos from Tinos.
  • Folklore Museum is another must visit the location. It showcases the unique furniture and handmade ceramics that reflect the cultural identity of the island.


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