payment solution allows transactions between two parties, which are a merchant and a customer most of the time. It is the only way to relay the customer’s payment information (such as his credit card) to the merchant’s bank account, emv software helps generate this information. So, how can you pick the best payment solution for your company, amongst the huge diversity of services provided online, and in order to suit both your business and your customers? Here are our 5 top selections to guide you in your choice.

  1. PayPal

If the volume of payments is low, then PayPal might be the best option for merchants in need of a good payment solution. Thanks to its low prices, PayPal helps numerous online businesses deal with their transactions.

  1. HPS

Whether merchants have an online business or a physical shop, they are glad to use this payment solution for transactions with their customers. With cheap prices and an easy familiarization, HPS Worldwide provides useful offers.

  1. Payline Data

This payment solution presents the best reviews, mostly because it gives merchants the opportunity to allow in-store transactions, as well as online and with the mobile app. The multiple options this payment solution comes with, make it one of the best services of payment for merchants.

  1. Adyen

This Dutch app offers customers the possibility to accept and send electronic money in real time, through their mobile. This way, if you have a shop and a customer is trying to pay his products, then he can send you instant money thanks to Adyen.

  1. Stripe

This payment solution is very useful for merchants because, even if it is one payment processor, it fits every business for it is what we would say “tailor-made”. Thanks to Stripe, merchants can accept credit and debit cards in more than 130 countries across the world. Fees are quite budget-friendly and its customizable system is very appreciated by owners.

You have a small business? Then you do no need a sophisticated payment processor! With an app or an easy-to-open online account, transactions are simplified. Moreover, fees are reduced in order to help small businesses develop their growth.

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