Most numismatists do not recommend coins cleaning. They attach importance to the patina or tarnish that can form on the surface of the coins over time. Some light tarnish is actually very popular and adds to the value of the coin. And, in the case of numismatic proofs, it is very difficult to perform any cleaning without damaging the coin. The patina of old coins must be preserved. Coins that will shine will lose their value.

So, never clean rare coins or coins that you intend to sell!!! Any attempt to improve the appearance of your coins without the help of a professional can cause irreparable damage and reduce their value. In addition, many old money exchange and retailers refuse to buy cleaned coins.

The use of dipping agents or metal cleaners is not recommended. The former contain acids that can corrode the metal if the coins are badly rinsed; the latter contain, for most coins, abrasives that can scratch the surface of the coin.

Do not try to clean or repair your bank notes!

Attempting to clean or repair your bank notes may cause further damage. Only experts, named conservators of works on paper should perform the repair of your bank notes.

The shape of your coin cannot be restored

Coins must be well stored so that they are not damaged or altered. Thus, they must be protected against scratches and moisture. So, avoid enclosed places. The coins are usually placed in small cardboard and plastic guards, which facilitate handling and storage without the coin being directly touched by hands or other irritants.

It is advisable to separate coins of different metal.

Use all these methods in moderation and remember the patina of the old pieces must be kept. Here are some tips and ideas for cleaning your coins,

-To remove dirt on the surface of nickel and silver coins, immerse them in a solution of hot water and liquid soap. Rinse them thoroughly with water and sponge with a soft cloth to dry.

  • Gold coins:

– soak the coins in boiling soapy water.

  • Silver coins:

– clean with alcohol, ether or Saint-Marc laundry diluted in very hot water.

– use a water + ammonia mixture, wipe with a soft cloth.

– Rub them against pencil eraser

– Take your coins, wet it and add a little toothpaste. Scrub the object using a soft toothbrush. Rinse your coin under water. Wipe well.

  • Bronze coins:

– Use hot water and soap, rinse with clean water

– use a silk brush and make sure to keep the patina.

– scrub them with a cloth dipped in a solution of 1/3 water + 1/3 vinegar + 1/3 amoniaque

– rinse thoroughly

  • coins in cupro-nickel:

-use abrasive powder on a damp cloth. Or soak them in a solution of wine or vinegar and salt

– soak them in boiling vinegar in which you will dilute sea salt

– let cool and wipe thoroughly. In order to clean copper coins, you may use olive oil which you will apply with cloth. Wipe gently in order not to damage the coin.

– Use hot water, detergent and some abrasive powder.

  • Zinc coins:

– dilute detergent in hot water and brush the coin

– rinse with clear water

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