Have you ever wanted to dip your hand into the pot of gold at the end of the internet nyan cat rainbow? In other words, do you want money?

Of course you do. You wouldn’t have read this article if that weren’t the case.

Well, skipper, you’re in the right place. Because here, you’re going to learn a few tried and true methods to make a profit when selling on the internet.

Use Online Shopping Platforms

Having your own website is a must for many internet entrepreneurs. Having programming and web development skills can help with that, sure, but nowadays, even an elementary pupil with no coding background can create their own website.


They use platforms such as WordPress and Wix. In your case, as a purveyor rather than a consumer, you can use an e-commerce platform to setup your online business. A good example is Shopify.

These platforms provide you with templates and nifty, user-friendly design tools. You are not bombarded with coding jargon. Rather, you get cute icons that intuitively represent what they do. Some platforms also provide tool tips (these are hint bubbles that appear when hovering over a button).

All you have to do is assemble your website using these features. It’s kinda like building a shop using Lego blocks.

Be Customer Friendly

This should seem like common sense, but there still are websites that do not apply this. There still are websites that are plagued with pop-ups and ads and registration forms forced upon every visitor. Those are unnecessary and will only scare away potential buyers.

Put it this way. When going to the mall, you generally don’t want to be bothered by sales agents spouting spiels of their products that aren’t relevant to you, do you? You just want to look for that specific item you need or browse around for items you may need, buy them, then get out.

That’s the same idea with e-commerce websites, except visitors can swiftly exit your online shop with just a mouse click.

Thus, design and optimize your website with the comfort and convenience of your customers in mind. Do away with pop-ups. Feature and link your best products right on your home page. Don’t force buyers to sign up for newsletters.

A simple, smooth website is always better than a bustling one that’s filled with ads.

Join an E-Commerce Website

Don’t want your own space for your stock? That’s all right. Maintaining a personal website can be a bit lonely, so why not sign up with someone else’s online shopping website?

To be specific, e-commerce sites like Amazon and Ebay are still great places to sell stuff.

Yes, they may take a small portion of your profit every transaction as a fee, but you will have immediate access to a huge customer base.

Your section in their website will automatically be indexed in their in-house search engine. Compare that to manually optimizing your personal website for search engines, like Google and Bing, that span the entire internet, and you’ll appreciate this feature that comes with joining an e-commerce site.


Ready to earn yet? Apply these techniques when setting up your online selling business, and you will net a nice profit.

Good luck!

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