Living and having a business in Norway can be expensive, especially if you haven’t undergone the process of changing the tax residency and still living off your savings. However, with a little financial support it’s not that hard!

Compared to other European countries, Norway isn’t a cheap country to live in. However, its strong economy and other aspects such as unspoiled nature, well-payed jobs, and stable politics, make it one of the most popular immigration destinations, especially among central-eastern Europeans. 

Cash loans in Norway

 Norway can be a great place to live for many reasons. For example, starting out your business in this country can become a reliable source of income, especially if you get right into the niche. Many branches of trade simply lack the workforce, which means that opening the company in this sector could be really lucrative. Construction and renovation could be a good example here. 

However, Norwegian currency is definitely not the cheapest one in Europe, and the cost of starting out a business can exceed the possibilities of many potential entrepreneurs. However, with little support, you can provide yourself with a good start. What we mean by support is a cash loan. Like in most European countries, such a form of financial supply is widely available in Norway. How to receive it? Are there any special conditions you have to fulfil?

Fleksikredit – easy application and few requirements

When you’re thinking about borrowing a small sum of money, Fleksikrefditt is a cash loan you should definitely consider. It is a short-term loan available almost for everyone who is at least 21 years old. However, note that it won’t cover major expenses – it can cover up to NOK 20 000, which is an equivalent of around EUR 2000. Nevertheless, if you need a financial “patch” for your project, that’s the best solution. To receive Fleksikreditt, all you need is Norwegian residency and BankID. When it comes to sudden minor expenses, such as a trip abroad or buying a new washing machine, using this type of cash loan is the best solution. 

Cash loans in Norway – what you need to know? 

There are a few things you should know about Norwegian cash loans before applying for it. Firstly, they can be repaid in instalments, but not for longer than 5 years. Moreover, their interest rate can differ significantly. Its range is from about 7% up to even 30%! That’s why it’s crucial to verify the offer before the final approval. It’s worth knowing that you don’t need to be a citizen or a permanent resident to receive the loan. You should, however, have a Norwegian address and a settled income and have lived in the country for at least a few years.

Article prepared in cooperation with LOCALMARKET.


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