Getting a speeding ticket is the last thing you want during a journey. Tickets are not only costly, but they also render your insurance null and void. Speeding tickets also taint your driving record, and if you are culpable of over speeding more than once, you can even lose your license. It goes to show how a little surge in adrenaline can cause you dearly. In case you are stopped by a traffic warden, here are a few steps you can take to get out of a speeding ticket:

Your Demeanor Is Important

The way you behave and treat the officer is important. Position your vehicle far off the road and stay calm. Show your license immediately and do not exhibit nervousness. The officers are trained to notice your behavior. Answer their queries and avoid getting aggressive. You need to convince the officer it was a one-off mistake.

Check The Ticket For Inconsistencies

Hundreds of people get a ticket for traffic offenses every day. It is a possibility that the officer could make a mistake on the ticket. You should know that even the slightest of typos can render your ticket useless. The judge will have no choice but to dismiss the ticket if the information on the ticket is inconsistent. Just pray for that as you get the ticket!

Sit With Your Lawyer

I advise you to sit down with a professional law consultant such as Marsh Blom, an expert in traffic law to present your case before a judge. Research supports, the individuals who request for a pretrial meeting can make things work in their favor. Another strategy you can adopt is to plead no contest. This will not only reduce your fine but will also prevent your license from racking up negative points. Pleading guilty will also remove the ticket from your driving record, and hence your insurance company will not get the wind of it.

Consider A Plea Bargain

Here is what happens when you accept a plea bargain from the judge. It will reduce your fine and save you from the hassle of showing up to the court dates. However, the plea bargain involves enrolling in a driving course, to prevent points from being added to your driving record.

Reschedule Your Court Dates

Another ploy is to reschedule your court proceedings. The court might have plenty of important hearings lined up that day and if the officer does not show up, chances are the judge will rule in your favor or impose minor sanctions on your driving license. However, if this strategy does not come off, then you will need the assistance of a lawyer who is an expert in speeding offenses.


Take Up A Traffic School Course As The Last Resort

If you are indicted and cannot afford a lawyer, there still are ways to get yourself out of trouble. For instance, you can take a driving course. Enrolling in the course will reduce the cost of the speeding ticket and court proceedings, and might even get you a discount on your insurance. Not only that, the negative points you have accumulated will be expunged (depending on your jurisdiction).



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