Sigh… Figuring out what to do when you hate your job is not a fun psychological endeavor. You could rage-quit on the spot once you’ve reached your last straw and final breaking point, slam your computer shut, walk out the door, and never look back—until you realize that you need to go back into the office to receive your final paycheck… and even after you get paid, you will never receive a favorable reference from that former boss to any future employer, meaning, who knows how soon you’ll be able to start making money again?

No, don’t burn any bridges while saying adios to the employer who’s been throwing off your work/life balance. The better way to go about skirting out of a full-time gig that you hate—and sliding into something you love—is to start a little hustle on the side. You can pad your income and build a cushion so that, when it does come time to take the leap from one job to the next, you won’t feel like you’re starving on a budget to make ends meet.

But how do you know which money-making ideas to pursue that can help you quit your day job? And once you got that ball rolling, how do you finally make the full-time switch to self-employed freedom? Hint: It probably won’t be found as a permanent dog-walker. Instead, use these tips to turn your free time into a full-time business that’s actually sustainable and enjoyable!

Develop a Trade

Say you’ve always had a knack for craftsmanship, whether that may be woodworking, wire wrapping, or jewelry making. You can totally take that up and try to turn your trinkets and treasures into profitable transactions on artisan sites like Etsy… but be prepared to stand in line with the rest of the wannabe hobbyists turned (profitable) artists.

Go at it from another route; if you like working with your hands, creating tangible products, feeling appreciated for those results, meeting new people, and forming lasting business relationships, then you might have a calling for the service field.

Whether it’s working as an electrician, landscaping beautiful backyards, or overseeing projects from start to finish as a general contractor, you might consider enrolling in evening classes to take up a service trade. With a bit of on the job experience and certified training, you can ditch the desk job and get out in the real world in no time at all.

The pay is fantastic (you know what we mean if you’ve ever had to pay a plumber $150+ for a 30-minute service call) and less tedious than you might think. Innovative HVAC software makes it simple to keep track of jobs, maintain invoices, and follow up with customers—making running your new full-time business smooth and simple.

Hone Your Craft

Maybe it’s not sitting at your desk, writing all day, that makes you want to pack up and ship out of your current role. It could be that exhausting calendars, unrealistic deadlines, and lack of transparent management have you staring at every minute on the clock, wondering how much later you’ll be forced to stay behind on yet another day…

If that’s the case, stop giving your employer all your free (unpaid) time and go work from home instead. Take your skillset to the vast network of freelancers-for-hire on sites like Fiverr and watch jobs start pouring in—jobs that you can work on your time, at your rate, under your terms.

There are many sorts of independent contractor positions you could pursue including:

  • Freelance writer
  • Web developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Photographer
  • Animator
  • Illustrator
  • Voice recorder

… the list truly goes on and on.

Learning how to work from home can be a bit of a learning curve. You’ll need to manage your distractions, take charge of your time management, invest in some solid productivity apps, and juggle multiple deadlines or client communications.

But hey, at the end of the day, at least you’re doing tasks that you actually enjoy and (most of the time) with clients you enjoy doing them for. After you build a portfolio that’s robust with experience, you’ll be ready to start your own full-time gig and say bye to the misery of hating your job, once and for all!

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