No matter where you are employed, it is simply not enough to just work with your colleagues. That does not mean you need to take them home or spend your leisure time together. What it does mean however, is that you need to have a collegial relationship that is based on trust, good communication, and respect. Adding equal parts of humor and fun help, too.

There are a lot of ways to accomplish these goals in the workplace that are very much part of a structured, orderly, business model. And while employees may enjoy each other’s camaraderie within a formal, team building setting, it is often an injection of appropriate levity that makes working together, better.

Team Building Should be Fun

Team building activities do a lot for group dynamics, product results, and morale. Activities that teams often participate in, in order to bring staff together sometimes seem a little silly. There are trust walks and trust falls, both meant to encourage team members to rely on their co workers when they feel most vulnerable. And there are even an array of activities that require a blindfold and whole lot of faith.

While these types of activities do often lead to better working relationships, sometimes they seem, well, kind of boring. In order to infuse your office or workplace with a sense of kinship that leaves lasting and positive impressions, it needs to be based on more than tired activities.

It is About Building the Team

One of the most innovative ways to help your team become the well oiled machine it can be, is by trying an activity that is different and out of the box. It is for these reasons, that escape rooms have become ideal places to host team building activities in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In order to get out of an escape room, small groups of people must collaborate with one goal in mind. They must work in unison, be creative, focus on results, communicate with one another, and encourage each other through the process. As they do all of this, there is bound to be some laughter. But more than that, everyone in the escape room gets a chance to share their thoughts about how to proceed and translate clues into actions.

By definition then, everyone also gets to be heard. The high degree of give and take becomes so obviously critical to the process and ultimately allows team members to escape as quickly as possible. Individuals have to work together and remain engaged in order to escape within the time allotted. They have to discover, learn about, use, and remain aware of each others’ strengths and weaknesses. By learning what they are capable of and their level of extrapolative skill, they learn how to work together, and ultimately, get the job done.

Why Escape Rooms are Terrific Team Builders

Often times we view the people with whom we work in a very specific light. Perhaps the woman who sits next to you is “the serious one.”  Maybe your office mate is “very reserved.” There is something about spending time out of the office  and in a different environment though, that lets us see each other in a new light. Sometimes all you need is a touch of the personal to make the professional seem more human, more real. Sometimes you just need to enjoy each others’ company and have a good time. And who knows, people might end up having so much fun that they become friends outside of work too!

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