The date upon which we come to the end of our working lives is, for most of us, a good date. Coming to within two or three years of retirement is a talking point. We buy calendars and circle the date in red. We’re finally going to have time on our hands. Vacations, hobbies, family time, seeing friends, you name it, we’re going to do it all and we can’t wait. Of course, just like any dead end in life, massive changes to our daily routine comes with some disruption – not going to work anymore means that we lose a certain kind of structure that we have relied on for decades. 

Also, for some people, there are potential concerns over income, with pensioners wondering if their pension fund will support the lifestyle that they want to live. While there are many types of support available for people from different walks of life (e.g. check out VA disability claim for hypertension), there are creative ways that senior citizens can boost their income without the confines of the nine to five. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at three ways to improve your income after retirement.  

Get a copywriting gig

Being good with words is something that doesn’t come naturally to most people. Despite beginning to practice our first words at maybe 12 – 18 months, and despite a lifetime of experience thereafter, the challenges of grammar and flowing prose are seemingly insurmountable for probably 999 out of every 1000 people. That’s why if you can type in sentences, you can make money. Sites like upwork can help to put you in contact with genuine paying clients who require different kinds of writing services (e.g. technical writing, ghostwriting, editing & proofing, etc.). If you have a laptop, an internet connection, and a spare afternoon, and if you know the difference between the active and passive voice, for example, you are never far from money making. 

Quality handmade products sell well

There is literally no end to the things that you can make in your spare time and sell online. Websites like eBay and Etsy can help. From carved trinkets and birthday buntings to personalised greetings cards and printed t-shirts, anything you can make to a high standard will find an audience online. Worried about not knowing how to get started? There are tutorials on YouTube for beginners that will walk you through the basics of how to sell online, including details of different payment systems such as PayPal. 

Pet sitting is a lucrative area of employment for senior citizens

People have pets and people take vacations. Not necessarily every year. But it’s a more or less regular thing. Think about how many families in your town or city go on vacation each year. Now think about how many of those families have pets. Bingo. Even if you pet sit for five families in a whole summer, that’s five weeks of work. Not only will you benefit financially, but having a dog or any other type of pet in the house can be fun – dogs also need walking, which can help to keep you fit. 

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