If you want to improve your prospects of enjoying a more comfortable and financially secure future there is no time like the present to consider your investment options and create a wealth investment plan that offers scope for great returns.

A good option to consider would be a ULIP, as a Unit Link Insurance Plan offers a useful combination of life insurance along with an investment element.

Investing in a ULIP will involve your chosen insurance provider investing a percentage of the premium you pay in a mix of shares and bonds.

If you have some specific financial goals for the future a ULIP is a great investment option to consider and here are some funds that are well worth considering.

Go for growth

If your primary goal is to go for growth and give yourself the best chance of achieving great returns you will want to choose a multi-cap fund that is focused on mid cap equities.

Mid cap investments mainly consist of equities in companies that demonstrate high growth potential over a longer term. A high growth fund will be heavily weighted toward equities with about 30% in government securities and corporate bonds.

A High Growth Fund could be a great choice if your primary goal is growing your capital wealth.

A growth super fund

Another option when capital growth is your top priority would be to choose a Growth Super Fund.

This fund is also heavily biased toward equities and the balance is normally to have at least 70% of the fund invested in equities and the remainder across a variety of government and corporate debt instruments.

Invested in a variety of asset classes

Last of the trio of growth funds would be a straightforward Growth Fund ULIP that is equity oriented.

This fund has set parameters in that your exposure to equities will always be somewhere between 20% and 70%, with the balance of cash being invested in various debt instruments.

If you want a balance

If you like the idea of more of your money being invested in government securities and slightly less exposure to equities a good choice would be a Balanced Fund.

As the name implies, the fund is weighted to achieve a balance and a maximum of 4% of your money would be exposed to equities in this fund.

If you don’t want exposure to equities

If your preference is to avoid being invested in equities, you could opt for a Secure Fund that is all about investing in government securities and corporate bonds.

This fund may also invest in other money market instruments in line with those prescribed by IRDAI.

These funds cover a whole spectrum of investment options and you should be able to find an option that suits your growth and savings aspirations. As always, it is a good idea to get some professional investment guidance or enroll to investing courses to help you choose a portfolio that is specifically designed to help you have the best chance of meeting your future financial goals.

Which ULIP will you choose?

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