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Whether you will be heading to the other side of town or moving across the country, moving can quickly become a major expense. There is no need to blow your moving budget if you are willing to spend time planning and preparing before you move. Two of the most important considerations is how you will move from one location to another and exactly what items you want to take with you.

Hire a Professional

Many people decide to move everything themselves to save money, but this isn’t always the best solution. A number of household goods which need to be moved, the distance between homes, vehicles available, and the number of people who can be reliably counted on to provide assistance for packing and unloading often create a situation that costs more time and money to pull off successfully than initially anticipated.

An established moving company, like Allied can save you substantial amounts of time and money. In part, the benefit lies in knowing that your items will arrive in a timely manner and you won’t face unexpected costs. When moving, it is possible that hotels, food, and gas will be far more expensive than anticipated, especially for longer moves. Another significant benefit of choosing a moving company are the financial protections again damage and loss they can provide.

Before choosing a professional moving service, be sure to receive quotes from at least three reputable companies. Evaluate their independent reviews on sources such as Yelp and ask if they can provide contact information for past clients. It is also a good idea to learn more about their insurance and warranty policies.

Cultivate a Minimalist Mindset

One way to significantly reduce the cost of your move is to make an effort to thoroughly reduce the number of items you choose to take with you. The KonMari Method has been hailed as life changing by people from around the world. The creator discusses minimalist principles in terminology that is friendly and accessible to the average person.

Essentially, anything that is not regularly being used and loved by the owners should be given away, sold, or recycled. Doing this as you pack, or in the months prior to the move, will be beneficial in multiple ways. First, it will reduce the actual amount that needs to be transported to the new location. This reduces both the cost of the move and the associated stress that is inherent in packing and unpacking an entire house. Second, it is usually possible to sell at least a portion of what one no longer needs. Even if you can’t sell the items, donation centers provide documentation that will make it possible to claim the donations as a tax deduction. This can augment the cost of the move even further.

Moving doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming, and overwhelming. By decluttering prior to the move and finding a qualified professional to streamline the process it is possible to create an experience that feels more like an exciting adventure than a financial horror story.


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