cigarette-599485_640The days of leaving your credit or debit card when you go to a bar are coming to a close. This is because of the evolution and innovative technology of POS systems. POS systems have what is considered “front of the house” and “back of the house” capabilities, in real-time. Front of the house includes taking orders and payments. The back of the house refers to the business side of running the bar from the accounting to the marketing. The POS systems that are leading the way are allowing employees to press a button for credit card processing, and owners can see the transaction in the system immediately. This may change bar service forever.

The Possibilities

Having a merchant account gives you the opportunity to take different types of payments in different places. In some places where there is a beach and beach weather like Miami, FL you could take the Clover flex to the beach and take orders straight from there, send the orders to the bar, and have the customer pay while sitting in their beach chair. Perhaps your company is hosting the cash bar for the evening at a special event. Party goers will certainly appreciate not having to find the closest ATM to get cash. They would now be able to use their phone or their credit card. The joy of being able to get a drink without having to leave the party may even garner the bartender a larger tip. This is a win-win for all parties involved.

The POS system can slowly put an end to long lines and fighting to make your way to the bar, and bartenders forgetting your drink order. No more leaving your card at the bar (because the bartender was holding it) and tons of crunched up paper receipts in your wallet or purse. A POS system makes it better for the bar and its patrons. It is the system you want to implement today.

There are multiple different types of point of sale terminals, so it is important you educate yourself about each one, identify the needs of your bar, and make an informed decision from there. Often times, bars like to still accept cash and need a place to store it. The Clover station lets you take control of your transactions in style and is perfect for any countertop bar. The technologically advanced software allows you to track inventory, make payments, run reports, and even manage your time sheets all in one platform. The pos system is a one stop shop for all of your data managements, transactions and analytics, which i will go into moreover.

The point of sale terminal is not just a tool fro processing your payments, but also a great organizer and asset for understanding your clients and their needs. Looking over the analytics of each night will help you understand which alcohol sells the most, what are your busiest hours, and how many customers you are expected to see on each night. This information is useful in helping you scale your business and keep track of how people are spending.

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