I spent all of last weekend preparing for and then attending a wedding. Unfortunately we didn’t see the sun the entire weekend because it was either cloudy or just plain miserable weather. It probably rained 90% of the time Tag and I were in College Station.

And it helped me realize something very important: old windshield wipers can send a person to the looney bin.

I’ve had my current car for over two years now and haven’t changed the windshield wipers yet.

It’s time.

Old Windshield Wipers are Dangerous

When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, the last thing you need is a set of windshield wipers that doesn’t work.

The only thing more dangerous than driving in the rain with crappy windshield wipers would be driving while sleeping, drinking, and texting at the same time. If they aren’t doing their job, they need to be replaced.

Old Windshield Wipers are Loud

windshield wiper

photo credit: flickr.com/90859240@N00

Your wipers might be moving water, but if they are making a terrible sound every time they move, you might want to think about replacing them. I can’t listen to Taylor Swift when I get 1 second of her beautiful voice followed by another 2 seconds of “BJEKRJFAKSLHVMASM” coming from my windshield.

I hate the sound of old windshield wipers so much that I’ll actually stop using them until there’s so much water on my windshield that I can’t even see, just to reduce the amount of times I turn them on (and thus, the amount of noise they make).

It’s not safe if you’re like me and would rather be blind than hear that terrible noise.

New Windshield Wipers are Cheap

If you go to Amazon Automotive you can find the wiper blades that fit your car and see how much they will cost. A new set of wiper blades to fit my 2010 Toyota Camry would cost between $20 and $35, depending on how nice of a set I want to purchase.

Let’s see… I can spend about $35 to make my car 100% safer and 7,283% less annoying to drive in the rain, or I can save my money and potentially send myself to an insane asylum or the ER.

I think I’ll go with the wiper blades.

And you should too if yours are making noise or not wiping properly. This is one of those times where spending money is good.

Readers: Do you have any other cheap car tips that will help people save money on their car or have a more pleasant driving experience. Anyone who knows how to stop random rattling noises gets a cookie.

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