4 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Interview

The current American unemployment rate is about 4% – the lowest it has been in decades. However, many of the jobs in this rate are low-paying, part-time, and seasonal jobs. Americans have jobs, but they aren't all making enough money to pay the bills. So, whether you are young or older, the time may come to interview for a new position.

How to Make Your Workspace More Pleasant and Productive

Because you have to go to work, but you don’t have to be miserable. Whether you work from home or in a traditional office, your productivity levels are probably on your mind for a fair amount of each day. How productive an employee is impacts the employer’s bottom line, so it’s understandable that some people are preoccupied with efficiency. But improving output might not require as much sacrifice as you might think. In fact, it often comes down to the environment in which you work. If you’re struggling to meet your goals when working at home or you feel the office could use a better setup for the sake of employee efficiency, here are some important tips to keep in mind.

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Obesity and Insurance Premiums – Can Obese People Get Life Insurance?

I used to be heavier in weight when I was younger. I have since become healthier, but in the back of my mind, I always wonder if my former weight had a marked influence on my past insurance premiums. Almost all life insurance applicants must undergo a medical physical as a part of the application process. It's how life insurance

Here’s Why You Need a Private Safe Deposit Box

The only thing that stresses out homeowners more than protecting their home and their loved ones is protecting their valuables. The valuables in your home can be stolen, damaged or destroyed through burglary, arson, natural disaster and a myriad of other factors. Money, jewelry, important items, and other valuables need to be protected in your home. Take burglary. According to

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Should You Manage Medical Debt with Credit Cards? What Patients Need to Know

In the United States, nearly every medical procedure comes with an associated cost. Even individuals with quality health insurance can still face significant expenses after an accident, extended hospital stay, or intense surgery. Non-emergency expenses can still lead to medical debt, especially for specialized treatments. Unfortunately, these costs lead individuals to go without important medical care. For example, nearly 30%

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Automation Will Result in a Job Loss for Half of the Finance Industry

  Do you ever consider that this is the last era of humanity where human beings will occupy jobs that will soon be taken over by robots and automation? I don’t just mean in manufacturing and construction either. The simple robots that welded and constructed cars in auto plants in the 1980s were just the beginning. Automation and Job Loss

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