Danny Willett’s Net Worth And Career

Danny Willett's net worth is $2 million dollars, but how did he get there? How did he make his money? And, what sacrifices did he have to make to get there? Danny Willett's Personal Life Danny Willett was born in Sheffield England on October 3, 1987. He started playing golf at a very young age and never stopped. In 2013 he

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Merchant Cash Advances: What You Need to Know

As you explore various business funding options, chances are you have (or soon will) come across something called a merchant cash advance. Below is a basic overview of this increasingly popular alternative to conventional bank loans and 401(k) loans; especially for startups and small businesses. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A merchant cash advance is a type of business

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Are There Alternatives to Logbook Loans?

Nowadays, the thing that troubles a lot of families in the UK is overcoming their financial difficulties. Paying your monthly bills and covering all your needed expenses and purchases has definitely become more burdensome than it used to be. The rise and fall of the economic situation has wrecked the ship that carries many individuals to the shore of financial stability.

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Improving on the Safe Withdrawal Rate

One important concept in personal finance is financial independence.  You are financially independent when you no longer need to work for a wage in order to support your standard of living.  Sound awesome? How do you get it? Well, you save enough money to create a portfolio of stocks and bonds which you can live off of instead of your wage.

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Your Emergency Fund Helps Your Credit Score

Your three-digit FICO credit score is a key number, one that lenders use to determine who qualifies for loans and at what interest rates. How often you miss payments, how much debt you owe on your credit cards and how much of your credit you are using all help determine how high this score is. But, the amount of money in your savings account, though, has no impact on your score. That doesn’t mean, though, that having money stocked away to cover the cost of unexpected emergencies won’t have a positive impact on your credit score.

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Relocating Abroad? How to Prepare Financially

  This is a guest post from Pauline of InvestmentZen.com In the past 12 years, I have lived in four foreign countries, on three continents. While it has been amazing for the most part, there are also things I wish I had known before relocating, and that is why today I would like to share my tips with anyone who

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Blue Apron Review

To function well in today’s culture of fast-paced living, our bodies must be fueled with great food, all the time. For millions of Americans, however, this isn’t always possible and many are suffering for it. Poor food choices as result of being almost constantly on the go are slowly eroding the health of young and old alike. But fear not,

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Robert Shiller — Bubbles and Busts

One of my favorite economists has to be Robert Shiller.  This is a great talk he gave at the London School of Economics.  He's famous for writing Irrational Exuberance, a treatise on bubbles, in 2000, calling the top of the stock market bubble.  He updated it in 2007, also effectively calling the top of the housing market. I was particularly

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Personal Finance App: My Paribus Review

For as long as modern retail culture has existed, stores have offered refunds for price drops or price discrepancies on purchased items. Previously, you would have had to monitor your purchases and the prices of the items and then ask for the money back yourself when one (or any) of the following happens: you see the price has dropped, you

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5 Tips to Qualify for an Installment Loan

  An installment loan is one of two major types of loan. You borrow a fixed amount from a creditor and you make a series of payments every month until the amount is paid off. These loans are the majority what people get for autos, boats, and home loans. Before you can get a loan, you need to ensure that

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