Mobile apps allow people to interact with brands, businesses, and products more easily than ever before. But, as of 2018, both the Google Play and Apple app stores had about 2 million apps available for download.

With that many to choose from, having an arsenal of positive reviews is the best way to convince users to download your app instead of someone else’s.

Keep reading for our top three tips on how to improve your mobile app reviews.

You Won’t Get What You Don’t Ask For

Most people won’t take the time to leave an unprompted review unless they had a negative experience. To keep these reviews from being the only ones on your page, make sure to ask your users to leave you a review if they’re enjoying your app.

The easiest way to do this is by using a ready-made review plugin during your mobile app development. These plugins allow you to insert popups that will ask users to leave you a positive review after they’ve used your app for a certain amount of time. Clicking the “rate” button will send them directly to your page on the app store.

One important consideration when using a review plugin is to make sure that your request pops up at the best time. If it interrupts the normal user experience, people are much less likely to follow through.

If your app has an email subscriber list, asking for reviews inside of a regular newsletter is another great way to boost your ratings. It feels more natural and less intrusive than a popup, making it a great addition to an in-app review plugin. This method is perfect for businesses that are using a mobile app to expand their reach.

Provide Great Feedback and Support

The best way to create happy customers is to provide them with great support and fast feedback. Responding to all of your reviews—positive and negative—shows your involvement and commitment as a developer.

Make sure to thank individuals who take the time to leave you a positive rating. When you reply to their reviews, address them by name and offer to pass along any valuable suggestions they’ve made to the rest of your team.

If someone leaves a poor review on your smartphone app, reach out to them and offer help. Not only does this prove that you care, it can sometimes prompt the unsatisfied customer to leave a positive review instead.

Offer Incentives for Mobile App Reviews

While this might be the most effective method of improving your reviews, it should be done very carefully. In the past few years, Apple has removed many apps that buy fake reviews or request users to share on social media.

To stay safe, make sure that you follow the guidelines posted by Apple and Google, and ask for honest reviews rather than positive ones in exchange for a reward. Also, consider offering in-app rewards (such as coins, hints, or discount codes) instead of paying users for app ratings.

Use These Tricks to Boost Your App Store Ratings

Getting positive user feedback is by far one of the best ways to make sure your app stands out from the rest. The next time your app is in need of helpful reviews, give these methods a try.

What tricks have you used to boost your mobile app reviews? Leave a comment below, and while you’re at it, make sure to check out the Thousandaire blog for more tips on using technology to improve your business, finances, and lifestyle.

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