play-593207_640As much as gaming is enjoyed by millions of players worldwide, it’s absolutely essential to exert strong financial risk management when it comes to handling your payroll. We all know how fun casino games can be, and it’s all to easy to carried up in the excitement and lose more than expected. All the top players are masters at doing this, be it casino classics, slots, poker – you name it – and the good news is that by following a few simple rules anyone can do it.

If there’s a golden rule that must precede any and all of the following advice, players must be willing to walk away when a machine simply isn’t going to be rewarding. With a little experience ‘dud’ can be eliminated from a play schedule with only a dozen plays, allowing more time – and bankroll – to be expended finding a hotter option.

1) More Financial Disciple = More Fun

How many times have you set a rule for a playing session, burnt it all away playing bad machine and cashed in more money for more play tokens? We all have – an awful lot! Casino’s are a leisure pursuit and best enjoyed spread over a longer session, after all what’s the fun of throwing an entire bankroll on a single roulette number just for it to bust out and the player spending the evening as a wallflower? Literally none, whereas disciplining spending tactically into smaller bets stretches the session enormously. So ration out that bankroll with an idea of time-span wherever possible.

2) Put Winnings To One Side

Busting out at the end of an evening is no fun, so try and keep a separate spot for winnings aside so you’ll be sure to have something to take home and add towards the next session. Even better when you finish up with more that you started, you’ll feel great too! This takes determination and no little effort, but in the long run is a sound strategy.

3) Break Those Stakes!

Plan out a strategy of how you’re going to play, and always look out to include incentives such as free scratch off games into these as additional bets. A good rule that many players find useful is to separate their funds into ten equal piles to be played at ten different games. Not only does his deliberately stretch out the length and variety of the session, but it also makes money management far easier too. Perhaps include a cut-off point into this as well, say if after five spins there’s no result – walk away and put those spare five into the winning pot to be enjoyed on luckier days.

4) Keep Emotions Cool

Playing slots needs just as much steely conviction and mental discipline as poker – something that the vast majority of players undermine in scale of importance. The best way to avoid adding funds on a bad day is simply to limit the length of the actual setting as well as the value intended to be spent while playing. There’s no shame in walking away – and in many cases it’s the best way of incurring further losses by simply having a wounded sense of pride.

So overall the one advantage a human has over the machine is being able to manage their funds sensibly over a session, with preset limits and a long term overall strategy. Indeed this is exactly what experienced players strive to perfect – all it takes is a little practice, determination and consistent efforts. Good luck!

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