NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 29:  American business magnate and TV personality Donald Trump visits "FOX and Friends" at FOX Studios on August 29, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

America seems to have gotten used to its president lying. This is because it started from before the day he became president. In fact, it is also said that his political rise was the result of a lie. It is really not a good thing for Trump to be telling lies to the country. Trump and his lies have become central to the issue of the Russian investigation which involves Comey. Political analysts are saying that America has never had a president who lies the way Trump does. Never has it had such a president from both parties.

When he spoke about his travel ban he actually claimed that his policy was just the same as Obama’s airstream policy. His policy is very different. It is clear that his policy is a completely new one. Others say that the president is just making mistakes. If they are then they are all careless errors. Those that are against Trump are saying that it is very naïve to believe that he is innocently making mistakes. They say he is purposefully lying. It is even said that he told lies to the public for the first 40 days he was in office. This includes the false statement he uttered about military spending in the Middle East.

Trump has told the public lies on 74 days out of 113 days of his presidency. Comedians are saying when he is not telling lies he will be absent on Twitter doing other things like refreshing. He goes to refresh at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. One can also play online casino games at  to refresh.  The games are interesting and entertaining and spend fewer taxpayer dollars.

He actually forgets some of the things he would have said in his previous statement only hours before. He fails to keep his lies straights. A typical example of this was when he refused to label China as a currency manipulator. The statements are really confusing even if you really want to support him.

When he came into office he had most of America’s support but now 60% of the citizens say that they are tired of the President lying to them.

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